After cleaning out my car one afternoon many months ago, I realized how frequently I drank from plastic water bottles. Seeing that I am a huge supporter of the environment, I was astonished after counting 12 empty water bottles piling up in the backseat floor of my car. I never really stopped to think about how much plastic I was wasting, even though I always recycle.

Then I thought to myself, wow. There are a lot of hormones in plastic. As I speak about xenoestrogens in my new acne book, plastic messes with my hormones causing all kinds of problems: acne, depression, insomnia, etc. So I decided to take action right then and there to turn my plastic water bottle habit into a recycled glass jar that I bring with me everywhere.

I opted to reuse my jar of unsweetened cranberry juice. (BTW: This is an excellent blood cleanser when diluted with water.) I made sure to scrub off the old sticker and replaces it with one I had made. I named it "vitality." I wanted a constant reminder to be full of life, positive and passionate about my day, and I thought this was the perfect way.

I told my best friend about this idea, about drinking from glass jars and the stickers I was having made. She told me she had just watched a documentary about a very similar topic. What she told me blew my mind! It was so in alignment with everything I was trying to achieve with my water jar sticker project.

Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote a book called The Hidden Messages from Water. In his book he explains how water crystals are formed in water and how their molecular structure changes in ways you wouldn't believe. He did several experiments. One of which was to talk to your water positively. When they completed the experiment, it turns out these water molecules changed from simple water crystals to beautiful snowflake crystals that were amazing and complex. He also played music like symphonies and classical which also changed the molecules.

In another study, a group of people were to yell and talk very negatively to their water. And to their surprise the molecules structure changed but not in the same beautiful way the positive words did. These snowflake crystals were deformed. The numerous studies he did, one also being taking city tap water from America, analyzing it under a microscope and seeing there were NO crystals even present. Then he played beautiful, relaxing music, and sure enough snowflake crystals began to form. This really blew my mind.

If just playing beautiful music could change the molecular structure of water, what could other positive things do for our body? We already know that playing Baroque classical music is the perfect music to listen to while studying for it helps our brain retain information, what could a sticker do to our negative mood? This was my intention and it looks like Dr. Emoto had the same curiosity.

I am a firm believer in alternative healing modalities. I believe how you think, what you believe, and how you feel are some of the main ways people heal. Whether it's a placebo effect or simply the positive vibrations that your energy craves, if putting a sticker on a water jar makes you feel better, I don't see how it couldn't help heal ailments from acne to depression. If you are interested in receiving one of my stickers for free, please email me your name and address to and I'll pop one in the mail for you for free!

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