Being a nurse means being on your feet all day, running around in your nursing shoes, often unable to take a break when you want one. How is someone in this position supposed to keep up their energy all day? Having a healthy snack can increase your energy levels and keep you on your feet that much longer throughout the day. But, without being able to take a seat, the options for such a snack are limited to what you can carry around in your pockets. Here are a few healthy choices for a snack time treat on the go:

- A small bag of carrots will not only be a great healthy option, but will improve your eyesight at the same time! Now you’ll be able to read those medical charts easier!
- A granola bar. Fast, filling and healthy, these can curb your appetite until lunchtime. Granola bites are another option, as they are smaller and you can eat a couple and save the rest for later.
- Dried fruit like cranberries and apples can be a great snack in the workplace. Just a handful will keep you going until lunch, though it is difficult to stop at just one!
- Reduced fat or Whole wheat crackers. Crackers can be filling, and if they happen to be healthy for you as well, it’s a great option. Just throw a few into a Ziploc baggie and you’re on your way!
- Unsalted almonds or mixed nuts. Nuts contain a lot of protein, which is great if you’re on your feet all day. This will also help keep your energy level up so you can see more patients!

These are just a few options for healthy eating on the go. As a nurse, it can be difficult to find time to snack, so if you can find something healthy that will fit in the pocket of your medical scrubs, it’s probably a good idea to keep on you. They will give you energy so that you can continue your work without interruption, and they will help you to concentrate better while you are doing your job. When we are hungry, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Keeping a light snack close at hand can help resolve that, and as soon as focus starts to wane, you can simply stick your hand in your pocket and have a couple of crackers, and then go back to your patients.

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