Dear friend, now that all of the goodies from the holidays have settled, hopeful we could turn our attention to healthy living.

How often have you heard the saying, the good things in life are free, yet we neglect this simple but profound message. Daily we are bombarded by various advertisements beseeching us to use this and use that to enhance our well-being.

With our focus on the externals, we neglect the most fundamental voice that there is, our body, which speaks to us constantly if only we would but listen. Unfortunately, sometimes it requires severe pain or an illness for us to take heed.

In these times of rapid change, you need to take time for yourself. Whether, you are in a 9 to 5 job or a stay at home mom, you need to find some time to nurture you. When you give away all of your energy to others and nothing is coming back, you become exhausted and burned out.

The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expressed. At the bidding of the unlawful thoughts the body sinks rapidly into disease and decay: at the command of happy and beautiful thoughts it becomes clothed with beauty.

Your physical well-being, like everything else, is profoundly affected by the beliefs that you hold. Usually, when you are younger, your expectation of wellness is stronger, but as you get older, most people degenerate on a sort of sliding scale that reflects what they are seeing in others around them.

Older people often do experience more illness and less vitality. But the reason for the decline of people as they get older is not because their physical bodies are programmed to break down over time, but because the longer they live, the more they find to fuss and worry about, causing resistance to the natural stream of well-being.

Disease and health like other circumstances are rooted in thoughts. Sickly thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body.

Strong, pure and happy thoughts build up the body in vigor and grace. The body responds readily to the thoughts, by which it is impressed, and the habits of thought will produce their own. Happiness is always a by-product - it is not something that you go after directly.

There is an old saying; we are born to be happy. For some people, the primary goal in life seems to be the attainment of happiness. There must be an innate knowing that our purpose in life is to be happy, because we seek happiness with all our hearts. The sad fact is that we are often seeking it outside ourselves.

Any person who spends his/her life running a race that he/she is bound to lose is really out of it. This can also be true of those who pursue happiness. It never seems to come that way. Happiness is not found by seeking it; it is a by-product of helping others, it’s something that you give, it’s a contribution that you make to others.

Most of us know in our hearts that there is great value in happiness. But we may delude ourselves into believing that happiness can be bought. A lot of money may be spent in being entertained because often, while being entertained, we experience joy. But the truth of the matter is that what we gain from others may be temporary; what we do for ourselves can be eternal.

The mere fact that we falsely believe that others can bring happiness to us could be part of the reason why we may not have found the real joy in ourselves. We cannot get happiness from a pill, or any kind of drug used internally or externally. Happiness is an internal job. It comes from the inside.

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Until next time, make this a week one in which you are living your life to the fullest.
With appreciation and gratitude
Nigel St.Hill

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Nigel St. Hill is a writer and a life and money management coach helping people who are ready to discover their path to love, happiness, success and abundance , so that they could live the life of their dreams. He is the founder of and author of the book, Money Management Caribbean Style and several ebooks including The Easy Cash Flow System, 12 Secrets to Creating Money and Abundance Caribbean Style, 8 Money Management Secrets for Caribbean Women, Creative But Practical Ways to Save money, 8 Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Abundant Lifestyle, and 7 Steps To Becoming An Empowered Single Woman .