Alfalfa grass is of the Genus, “Medicago” and the species is “satvia” it is from the Fabacea family of plants. Alfalfa grass can be used as high protein food for humans and livestock. It is recognised in agriculture as Lucerne. It is used as a stock feed and can be bailed for hay and used as chaff in horse or rabbit mixes.

Alfalfa Grass is an amazing “Super food”. It is high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and trace minerals. Alfalfa is also high in vitamins A,B,C,D,E,F and K. The roots of the Alfalfa are known to grow more than 30 metres into the soil. It can contain a wide variety of minerals and elements that are found deep in the soil. Alfalfa can grow up to a metre in height (around 3 feet)

Alfalfa has many health benefits including regulating the bodies cholesterol levels.

Alfalfa has long been recognised for it health benefits, its name is derived from the Arabic “al-fac-facah”, which means “father of all foods”.

The health properties of Alfalfa grass have been recognised by the indigenous people of Arabia for thousands of years. The Arabians noticed that their overall health improved when even small amounts of Alfalfa grass were added to the diet.

Alfalfa grass has been grown commercially around the world for centuries.

There are several ways you can use fresh Alfalfa grass:

- Alfalfa sprouts are used in salads and in sandwiches. Alfalfa seed can be purchased from your local health food sore and soaked in water. Sprouts can shoot in either a sealed plastic bag or plastic or glass container. Sprouts can also be purchased pre-sprouted from supermarkets and health food stores.

- Alfalfa grass can be found in many health food supplements and super foods.

- It is thought Alfalfa may aid in reducing water retention and may stimulate food digestion in the bowel.

- Research has shown Alfalfa to be beneficial in arthritic conditions.

- Alfalfa is naturally detoxifying. Its diuretic nature relates to its high nutrient and chlorophyll levels.

- Alfalfa sprouts are often used as a substitute to lettuce in mixed salads.

- Alfalfa sprouts can be cooked and used in stir-fry and many Asian dishes.

Alfalfa and other legume sprouts will have a huge part to play in maintaining a constant nutrient supply in the coming years. Their use will increase in third world countries and will be a huge nutrient source for countries suffering from poor soil fertility and salinity.

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