There are thousands of healthy lifestyle tips out there. Most of them are motivating while others are--let’s admit it--frustrating.

Building the lifestyle that we want is not an easy journey. Some of us already know we’re not cut for the usual wake-up-at-dawn habit which, according to several articles, is the secret of most successful people (but great for you if you believe this and you’re a morning person--keep it up!). Many lifestyle tips also involve a lot of spending, leading many to even deeper frustrations and, sometimes, debts.

Each of us has our own preferences, and forcing ourselves to copy what gurus or Instagram influencers are doing often only leads us farther away from our personal goals. This is why, in this article, we will tackle some small lifestyle choices that are doable and also customizable. Keep reading to see how you can personalize your way into a healthy lifestyle starting today.

Keep a realistic start-of-day routine

We start our day at different times. Some people find themselves productive in the morning, while others feel more active in later hours. This is why our first tip is to craft your realistic start-of-day routine and do your best to stick with it, regardless of what time your day starts.

Start-of-day routines are more than just a set of things you do; they’re activities that should wake your body up and prepare you for the tasks you have at hand. Some specific and healthful things you can do are to hydrate, stretch, and get some dose of motivation from your favorite book, Youtube channel, or anything that you know works for you.

Be mindful of what you eat

This one is challenging, especially for us who are too busy to even think of what we nourish our bodies with. But although this is difficult, it remains as one indispensable self-care habit that we must do.

The good news is that you can start small. You can start by picking healthier snacks, buying fruits that are in season and are therefore cheap, or intentionally avoiding food items that you know you’re having too much of. The more mindful you are of the things you eat, the more conscious you also become of how they affect your body--in both short-term and long-term.

Opt for body and mind-friendly choices

Other than routines and food choices, the things we work with also affect our bodies and mental processes. These things include our work desks, home or office layout, and even the way we write (or don’t write) our to-do lists. So many of us are guilty of tolerating habits--and even equipment and gadgets--that we know cause us physical and mental strains, and this is something that has to be addressed.

A healthy lifestyle can never be disconnected from an ergonomic lifestyle, and this involves a lot of things like, to name a few, your posture, home or work furniture, the amount of workload you take, the layout of the keyboard you use, and many more. But as we’ve repeatedly noted: you can always start small.

Take short mental breaks during work or study hours

It’s great to be in the zone. We love it when our minds spark ideas like fireworks, and such situations are minutes or hours that deserve our full attention. However, taking a mental break is not something that we can take lightly. Doing so can cause burnout or perhaps lead us away from things or people that also matter to us, like our health, our family, friends, and hobbies.

Mental breaks are scientifically proven to improve our focus and productivity. Plus, if used intentionally, they provide us time to make more small yet healthy choices like hydrating, stretching, or having a short conversation with a colleague or family member.

If a mental break isn’t something you’re used to, you can start by exploring a known time-management method called the Pomodoro technique. This involves setting tasks you need to do, working on them for 25 minutes, taking a 5-minute break, and then repeating the process till your end of work or study hours. After a few rounds, you can extend your break to 10 minutes or more. Just be sure to get back to your tasks right after.

The healthy choices you make can create significant effects now and even more superb impacts later. So go ahead and start making them.

Author's Bio: 

Rose Jane dela Cruz loves to write about personal and professional growth, home improvement, and healthy living. She’s been published in several websites and is currently a technical writer at Engineer Warehouse.