Nourish your body with all-natural foods for better health and vitality. Every person can improve their own well-being when they have access to quality food, and are informed about nutrition. Knowledge is power. We carry products that are certified organic, gluten-free and every healthy alternative in between, not only do we have the products, we have Natural Health Consultants with extensive knowledge and advice on nutrition as well as the health benefits of the food items we stock and which choices are the right ones to improve your individual, overall health.

Top Brands We Carry

Nutrivital (Go Vita’s Own trusted brand)

Organic Road (Go Vita’s own trusted brand)

Natural Road (Go Vitas own trusted brand)


Four Leaf Milling


Spiral Foods




Power Superfoods

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio:
Go Vita Tanunda health shop has been serving its community since 1974.

In the early days it was a one man operation until the 1990s when naturopath Peter Balogh established his consulting practice in the clinic of the business.

When the opportunity to buy the business arose, Pete instinctively knew he had to be the next owner – and only the third in its now, 40-plus year history.

Pete has always had an affinity for natural health, having a deep and abiding interest in alternative treatments from an early age.

Lee Teusner, Pete’s partner in life and in business has also spent many years developing her knowledge and an ongoing enthusiasm for natural health as a career and in her everyday life.

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