Today, time can be seen as a commodity that is depleting fast because we are overwhelmed with so much of the work that we always find ourselves falling short of time. We often complain that we do not have time to spend with family and to take care of ourselves. An in this situation, when someone says that we should do something to stay healthy, we are only able to say “I don’t have enough time”.

What we look for is a shortcut to life may be small recipe that doesn’t take time to prepare and a snack food that does not take time to eat. This is why ready to eat meals and snacks have become popular in recent years. What about health? Do these sneaky bites will solve the purpose? You know, they don’t so, what to do?
Here, we are presenting some snacks that you can prepare in no time and consume them fast without disturbing your schedule and still get required nutrition. But, before we go to them, you may explore some facts on nutritional requirements of our body so that you can make adjustments in your diet plans to suit them.
Recommended dietary allowances for an idea daily diet can have the following:

Nutrients Daily recommended dietary allowances (RDA)
Proteins 70 GM
Fats 310 GM
Carbohydrates 90 GM
Sugar, sodium 2.3 mg
Dietary fiber 30 GM
Manganese 1000 col
Antioxidants 8 to 11000 units

But why do we need them?
While protein, fats, carbohydrates give you energy, protein also helps in growth and fat help helps us absorb much needed vitamins.
Dietary fiber helps us to reduce chronic diseases and helps in the functioning of the gut.
When we consume any food, the glucose in the food is oxidized to create energy in our body which also releases some free radicals. These can cause damages to the human body and thus, we require something called antioxidants that create a defense mechanism in our body to fight such damages.
This was about what we should have to keep ourselves fit. Now let’s come to what we can do to get these healthy nutrients. Here, we present some small preparations that are fast to make as well as consume and your food will have all required nutrients that you need on any busy day-

Eggs with broccoli - A simple mix of egg with broccoli will not only give you a tasty dish, but also add an array of nutrients, including vitamins (A, B1, B6, B12, E) manageress, calcium iron, zinc, copper, protein and many more.

Cereals - They are the easiest things to prepare. All you need is to just keep them immersed in water at night and in the morning, add a pinch of salt in it to consume. Cereals give you carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and oil.

Oatmeal’s - Oatmeal are easy to prepare as they get cooked fast and can be consumed with anything from water to milk. Oatmeal gives you biotin, manganese, protein, vitamin B1, dietary fiber, zinc, copper and chromium.

Corn - To have a heavy diet of corn, all you need is to put the corn over the naked heat till it becomes golden and then, add a pinch of salt or lime juice to consume. Corn has vitamins, minerals and anti - oxidants. It is also very good for eye health.
So, prevent yourself from harming your body with lack of right nutrition and grab these quick bites in your busy days.
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