Do you know the requirements of a healthy meal? In a wholesome meal, the basic components are calories, adequacy of valuable nutrients such as proteins and vitamins, fat and carbohydrates. If you are someone who all along thought non veg meals are not healthy, well then you are wrong with your dietary plans. A well balanced non-veg platter does more good to your body than harm. The popularity of healthy non -veg dishes has taken its place for its heavenly taste along with nutritious benefits. 

You have another pre-conceived notion that healthy non-veg food can only be made in your own kitchen and everything from food outlets are oily and spicy. However, there is always a first time for each one of you! If you don’t want to break your healthy dietary ritual, and still want to try out a non-veg combo meal in Jalan Besar, here’s some mouthwatering yet healthy ideas for your hunger cravings.

Try Chicken in Soup:

Boiled chicken is known for its rich protein and vitamin benefits. It helps to boost the body immunity system. It proved to be useful in building strength in human bones, to fight viruses and bacteria. It helps the body to recover from any prolonging illness faster than you can think. Next time, when you plan on having a healthy chicken recipe, consider restaurant style chicken soup.

Try Seafood:

There are few selective restaurants that serve delicious non veg combo seal food meals in Singapore. And to your surprise, those combo platters are very popular among visitors, mostly for the enriched taste. Similarly, vitamins and minerals enriched sea-food fishes like salmon, tuna are some prime examples which have a prime component of saturated fat and high protein.  Did you know that mouthwatering omega enriched sea prawns are healthy for your skin?It won’t be wrong to say that adding prawn to your combo platter is highly essential to keep your youngness intact. Omega oil extract from prawn is helping you to look youthful. Have you ever tried grilled salmon or tuna sandwich? So consider next time!


Boiled or poached eggs are non-arguably one of the richest sources of protein. Those who are in a strict diet regime or heading to the gym for body transformation, you must eat egg daily. The best thing about egg is you can add them with any combo meal and the taste of the meal becomes more heavenly. 

Red Meat:

Red meat like lamb and mutton is a rich source of protein. Also, it has zinc, Vitamin 12 and some rare complex protein. Lamb is a great protein for those who are considering it for weight loss of purpose. The carbohydrate content in red meat is lesser than chicken. So, it is an absolute must try in your next restaurant visit.

Choose Wisely:

Initially, you may find it difficult to search for healthy non -veg options in a restaurant, but if you are in decent top rated restaurants, they will help you out with the food choice. Ask about their healthy range of food combos that they offer. Always check the review of the restaurant before you visit them.

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The author wants you to try out on veg combo food in JalanBesar’s best restaurant. According to the author, it is a false belief that non veg dishes in restaurants are not healthy, rather you must try and then explain!