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Travelling to receive medical care in itself is very difficult and when it comes to the aged population, its a real bottleneck. It is here that TiaTech Health Technologies would like to introduce TiaTele, A telehealth platform. Using the Telehealth or Telemedicine software in India patients can consult physicians through video consults, receive prescription and do much more sitting in the comfort of their home. This is a boon for the elderly who face a lot of difficulties in travelling to the medical centre.

Telemedicine is more important than ever in the current COVID pandemic scenario as it helps patients to get the required medical help without the need to go to medical centers which may be breeding grounds for contagious infections. Telehealth can to a great extent also support people living in residential aged care centers and improve their overall mental well being.

Day by dad systems that are being designed to enable better services for older people and Telemedicine softwares can also be integrated with existing hospital management system in the hospital. The introduction of technology extends across retirement living, care at home and residential care. Using a framework from TiaTech’s healthcare services , there are a range of technologies that can be applied across different environments. Retirement living lends itself to remote monitoring to ensure early intervention in the event of an accident or acute episode.

Care at home can be improved with remote monitoring. Also with the addition of artificial intelligence to identify the incidence of falls and other predictable events, along with the tracking of key health indicators such as blood pressure and other vitals through connected medical devices a wide range of betterment can be brought about in the healthcare sector . Residential aged care and care at home lend themselves to remote telemedicine. Emerging technologies such as robots for home health and care guidance applications , while some technologies such as wearable gadgets and embedded vital monitors are more ideal to chronic or acute disease management.

New technological innovations can help provide quality care by in the following manner:

1.Care guidance : Platforms that inform patients with relevant information and reminders at key intervals in their interaction with the healthcare services.
2.Connected medical devices : Wearable and non wearable technologies that help people track and manage existing ailments and enable preventative measures.
3.Remote telemedicine (telehealth) : Diagnosis and treatment of elderly using video-conferencing, allowing them to receive medical care from their home.
4.Patient networks: Health networks can help patients find new treatments, connect with others and take the required action to improve their health outcomes and general well being.
5.Remote monitoring : Automatic, continuous and remote monitoring of individuals via medical devices enabling them to continue living in their own home.
6.Embedded vital monitors : Small and flexible wearable sensors to collect and stream biometric data to healthcare service providers.

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