Human interaction is a must in healthcare. We can't deny it. However, with the automation era, healthcare needs to adopt the modern approach to provide patients with a consumer-grade experience. One such approach is healthcare portal development. 

As consumers, patients are now looking for an intuitive interface. One that helps them interact with the healthcare professionals, keep a check on one's health condition, treatments, and guarantees faster service. Gone are the days where hospitals piled up the records and patients were fine waiting with no details. Now, they are informed and aware of the competition. They ask for details, quality services, and ease of access. They want a portal that caters to their individual needs.

This transition from a long waiting queue to available anytime is vital to enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty. Knowing where to start in patient portal development is tricky. So, we've articulated this article to help you out. 

When you look for portal development, ensure that the portal has features that offer you these benefits:

Holistic Profile

Often, healthcare professionals find it challenging to treat the patients due to the lack of patient records. They don't know the medical history, previous ailments, and so on. The limited access then results in poor patient experience and satisfaction.

So, make sure that your healthcare portal allows creating detailed profiles of your patients. Patients can easily add their details and update them promptly. Ask your patient portal development company to add the feature to verify the details and documents. Grant access to the patient records so that you have their health details in your hand, including risk factors, social determinants, and more when they engage with you. 

Streamlined Workflow

Hours of waiting, appointment scheduling, insurance settlements are the ultimate source of frustration. You and your staff get tired of managing different processes like call scripting and guidance, referral management, nurse triage, settlements, and other administrative tasks. On the other hand, patients get frustrated, waiting in the queue for appointments, bills and payments, and more. 

Thus, a healthcare portal development should provide seamless communication and operation management. Patients should be able to book appointments from the portal, pay bills digitally, and handle everything through their login space.

You and your staff should be able to handle all the processes from one place. Appointment notifications for reminding, entire schedule, listing patients according to priority, everything should be possible from one window. It will help you reduce call time and help everyone in the process.

Patient Engagement

Engaging with patients and customers 24*7 builds trust and loyalty in patients. The more trust they have in your services, the more likely they are to refer you to their friends and relatives. Beryl Institute’s study found that 70 percent of patients share positive experiences, whereas 76 percent share a negative one. And you can lose around 40 percent of the potential patients if you don't adopt the patient-centered approach.

A portal should provide the ability to access the details 24*7. It should allow patients to interact with professionals via messages, ask questions, create notes, etc. Healthcare professionals should be able to revert, suggest some healthcare tips (if necessary), and guide the patients. This two-way communication will strengthen the patient-doctor relationship.  

Clinical Analysis

If all the processes were streamlined - patients handling all their tasks electronically, staff managing their tasks would simplify the entire healthcare process. You would not only provide better equipment but world-class healthcare services. The patients' reports and the clinic's flow would help you make better plans for you and your patients. All this is achievable if you hire the right healthcare portal development company. 

A Final Thought

Though the portal looks like an exciting and useful approach, it's still challenging. Your patients can be from diverse regions, backgrounds, with different educational levels and age differences. Thus, you need to understand your target audience, create awareness of the portal services, explain the benefits, and help them access it. 

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