If you are interested in a career that provides growth, financial stability, and job security, considering a career in the healthcare sector may be right for you. With dozens of fields to pick from, finding the right occupation for you can be challenging. If you have a caring personality and want to make a difference, here are 8 healthcare careers that are in high demand, as well as what steps you need to take to qualify.

Occupational Therapist

One of the most sought-after positions in the healthcare sector is an occupational therapist. Primarily responsible for helping patients with a wide range of ailments, an occupational therapist helps those who are suffering from emotional, developmental, and long-term stress issues. The area is growing year on year, with an average salary of around £50,000. To work in this field, you will need to complete an undergraduate degree in occupational therapy.


The main duty of a nurse is to ensure patients are assessed, examined, and given advice and treatment. Nurses can make referrals to healthcare professionals such as doctors, however, they must admit patients into hospital if need be. Recording patient medical histories, creating care plans, and monitoring and operating medical equipment are other mandatory duties that a nurse must carry out. Whether you want to work in adult nursing or children’s nursing, you must undertake an undergraduate degree in order to practice as a nurse.


A chiropractor uses numerous physical therapies and techniques to help treat and rehabilitate patients that are suffering from injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors are given special training such as manual adjustment techniques that they can implement into their treatment to help adjust patients’ spines and eliminate any misalignments that are causing health problems. To work as a chiropractor, you must complete a 4-year degree that is recognised by the General Chiropractic Council. You can visit websites like University Compare to find out more about how to become a chiropractor, as they provide an in-depth guide into the role of a chiropractor, and they can help you find the best university to study at.


A podiatrist is responsible for diagnosing and treating abnormal conditions of the lower limbs and feet. They are also trained in preventing and correcting deformities, helping to keep patients active and mobile, as well as treat infections and relieve suffering and pain. To become a podiatrist, you will need to study and train at a degree level. If you are interested in this career, podiatrists can earn between £45,000 and £105,000 per year (depending on experience and expertise).


A physiotherapist is responsible for restoring, maintaining, and helping a patient make the most of their mobility and function. The main purpose of physiotherapy is to aid patients through physical rehabilitation and/or injury prevention. If you are passionate about making a difference, helping patients who have been affected by illness, injury or disability is the key role of a physiotherapist. To qualify as a physiotherapist, you must undertake an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy, or you can study another degree and obtain a master’s degree in physiotherapy.

Speech and Language Therapist

The main obligation of a speech and language therapist is to deliver life-changing care and treatment for adults and children who find it difficult to communicate or struggle with their swallowing, eating and drinking. To succeed in a speech and language therapy position, you must have excellent patience, understanding, and empathy for the patients you treat. If this sounds like the right position for you, obtaining a degree in speech and language therapy is essential. If you already have a degree in a language or science-based subject, there is the option to complete a two-year fast track postgraduate course.

Biomedical Scientist

Biomedical scientists are trained to investigate and diagnose patient illnesses like cancer, HIV, and diabetes. The vast majority of a biomedical scientist’s work will take place in a laboratory. To qualify as a biomedical scientist, you will need to study for a bachelor’s degree in the field. A degree in biomedical science is very prestigious and in demand.

Physician’s Associate

Physician associates work alongside doctors in managing and diagnosing patients. You will be trained to perform several roles, such as taking medical histories and conducting examinations. To work as a physician’s associate, you will need to possess a science-related first degree like biology, chemistry, or biomedical science, however, an undergraduate degree in the field is currently being developed.

The healthcare sector is extensive, so picking a field and occupation that can provide job security and flexibility is key. All the healthcare roles listed above are in high demand, so it’s important that you obtain the correct qualifications and training required before applying for any position.

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