Healthcare is entering a second wave of digitisation, which moves beyond electronic medical records (EMRs) with technology that touches every step of the patient journey. Nicole Hill, leader of the healthcare division at global networking and communications provider, ALE explains why now is the time to capitalise on these by creating a strategy for the digital transformation of healthcare providers. How Hokuapps is helpful for adapting Digital transformation Check this out

The worldwide healthcare systems has been witnessing paradigmatic shift from acute and reactive care to patient-centric care that characterizes increased patient engagement. The various functional aspects under connected healthcare are telemedicine, home monitoring, assisted living, eHealth services, and mHealth. The growing adoption of connected healthcare technologies by patients and their caregivers across the globe are aimed at significantly improving healthcare outcomes and boosting patient welfare. The proliferation of connected health devices such as wearable and apps in the industry, supported by advanced connectivity such as internet of things (IoT), has improved the access to health data among providers and patients.

There is a growing potential of connected healthcare in optimizing care pathways, especially for remote monitoring of patients and tracking. The growing focus on this factor is reinforcing new avenues in the connected healthcare industry. There is a growing use of technology-enabled care to empower patients, driven by the adoption of digital technologies. The rising application of connected healthcare systems in the healthcare industries has enabled patients to take increased participation in their health management and well-being. Learn more

Reach beyond hospital borders for better healthcare outcomes

Healthcare providers are not immune from the rise in patient expectations when it comes to technology. Patients now have access to a wide range of medical information online and are accustomed to digital services and connectivity. The challenge for many healthcare providers today is to meet these digital service expectations while using enhanced connectivity to promote better health outcomes.

Giving healthcare a check-up

To build optimised care pathways and provide patients with an optimised healthcare journey requires an approach to digital transformation which provides mobility, connectivity and security every step of the way.

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