It is well said that excess of every this is bad; drinking too much alcohol can lead you to the world of disasters. Many serious health problems are caused by overdosing of alcohol. It affects your physical as well as your mental health. It is very important for all of us to know the alcohol problems and how to stay healthy.

Everyone must be aware of a safe dose of alcohol, which is defined for men is four drinks a day or fourteen to fifteen a week, and for women, a safe dose is about three drinks a day or seven to eight a week. Many people become addicted to alcohol. There are alcohol rehab centers for patients who want to quit this toxic drink. Alcohol causes organ damage and destroys your social relationships. Organs that are mostly affected are:
• Liver
• Heart
• Brain and CNS

As far as our physical health is concerns, immunity came first. Alcohol consumption can dramatically lower the immunity and weaken the body defense system as everyone is aware of the current global situation regarding coronavirus. To keep yourself safe and strong, your immunity should be strong first. Alcohol is a toxin, and the liver is designed to clear the toxin from the body and keep the blood clean. But the liver has a limit to work, and cannot clean that much amount at once. Hence, heavy doses damage the liver, and toxins remain in the body and interact with other body cells. As a result, body cells become weak, and their efficiency lower.

Digestive Problems

Alcohol directly targets the lymphocytes (white blood cells) that combat against infection. Because of this, our body becomes more vulnerable to infections. Moreover, alcohol can damage the cells in your mouth, throat, voice box, and esophagus causing gut microflora. Because of this infection in the digestive tract, digestive bacteria also become dead, and we feel problems during digestion. Then indirectly or directly, it leads to malnutrition because of which we lose our immunity.

Respiratory Problems

Alcohol also helps the cancer-causing cell to stay for a long time in the body in case of smoking. It leads to serious respiratory infections. To get rid of COVID-19, one should immediately quit smoking and alcohol consumption. Alcohol problems are severe, and their remedy is time taking. Alcohol also disturbs your sleep and wake cycle.

Heart Problems

You must be aware of the dangers of a blood clot. A study of heavy drinks reveals that they help to make blood clots in the capillaries by increasing the cholesterol level in the body. It leads to the complete blockage, and hence heart stops pumping, and your line becomes straight.

Brain and nervous system problems

Among all other alcohol problems, it one of the major problems. Alcohol and other heavy drinks can damage your mental health. It blocks the brain’s communication pathways, and hence you become unconscious. You cannot think properly, and cannot speak clearly. It became harder for you to make decisions or even move your body. It can also lead to depression and dementia-like diseases.

Alcohol and COVID-19

Based on very little research, it was concluded that heavy drinks like alcohol could help coronavirus spread in your body. Family of the coronavirus processes the same symptoms as caused by the furious consumption of alcohol, as both attacks the immunity producing cells in the body.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and sound, quit alcohol consumption as soon as possible. Talk to your doctor or family members if you are addicted and cannot do so alone. They will organize an alcohol rehab for you to help you get out of this. Don’t think of doing this; do it right now.

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