“Great public health gains have been made in the past two decades, but efforts must continue. To maximize the benefit of all of these success stories, persistence and vigilance are needed. Continued funding, promotion, enforcement, and improvement of policies remain essential.” Public Health Association of Australia, 2018


One understands how important it is to create awareness to the general public about health diseases. Coronavirus affected all the countries across the globe taking the lives of millions of people. Until there was no antidote invented, all the countries prioritized creating awareness about the pandemic and how to safeguard it from getting infected.


This event was one of the odd cases where the countries came together to establish awareness amongst the common public. Huge media attention and promotion have been done to ensure it reaches every common person. However, there still are many viruses that are far deadlier than COVID-19. Not every person is aware of the preventions and cures.


Health Organisations are always on the run to create campaigns and promotions to ensure information reaches out to the general public. Yet, it is not enough. Certain aspects can help any health organization to reach out to the general public.


Get the right email address: A common problem that every PR of health organizations faces is not having enough contacts. You can gain contacts from friends or colleagues, but that is limited. Sometimes, you might get in contact but it’s just not the right one. To help ease such hindrance, there is a great email search platform called GetEmail.io. This website helps you to get a plethora of contacts from the companies that you wish to reach out to.

GetEmail.io also has a chrome extension that can help you through getting the email addresses of people from social media platforms like LinkedIn. This tool can be used in not just getting qualitative contact but with a minimum charge, you can also gain quantitative contact. This helps in furthering your awareness to the masses.


Social media campaigns: This generation is more present in technology than ever. People are actively engaging in getting to know the information, reacting to them as well as sharing it between their circles. Social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Tik-Tok has a huge potential to spread the news faster.


However, having a social media presence is just not enough these days. It needs a constant effort of making the presence known. Your journey starts from having an account in every possible social media platform and goes to having the right hashtags that reach out to the masses. The algorithms of one platform differ from the other when it comes to spreading the information across. Understand what works best for you and create hashtags and ‘mention’ the right people while posting.


Awareness through promotion: Every product or service in the market requires promotion to assist in spreading the word. This is usually used by companies to improve their public image. A lot of Non-profit organizations use this tool to create and spread awareness.


Promotional activities like online advertisements, promotional letters, and press releases, etc guides in communicating the message to the masses. With minimum funding, promotional events like competitions can be held and can be aired online. By doing such activities, it doesn’t only help in entertaining and engaging the public but also retains the interest of many.


Brand ambassador: Be it a social, famous politician or a celebrity! Every product, service, or cause needs elite that can attract the public. Every famous person has a set number of followers who are interested in their lives and follows their cause. The bigger the following base, the more people are attracted towards the cause.


A famous personality endorsing your cause will not just attract news media but it influences a large audience. This is absolutely a win-win situation to retain their followers as yours as well as create awareness amongst many. However, these days promoting through social media influencers are being fruitful as they engage their audience more than any movie celebrity.


All the strategies from the above can be used simultaneously to engage the audience and communicate with the ones who are ready to act.


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Ikhraaf Qaiser is a blogger and renowned author on many websites. He loves to write about health, lifestyle, and travel.