Health care in our country

In our country, it is the private sector which is responsible for the majority of healthcare of the citizens. Most of the time healthcare healthcare expenses are paid out of people's already low running pockets and hardly through insurance. Our population is a detrimental factor behind this ugly truth of India's health care system. According to a survey about 35% of poor Indian households incur CHE (Catastrophic health expenditure) Private health care sector is the primary source for health services of about 70% of urban households. This data shows the opportunities for business in health care franchise.

Health care franchising opportunities

One can easily start the franchise business in healthcare under the expert guidance of with minimum investment and maximum prospects for financial growth. Financially profitable opportunities in health care are growing in India at a hilariously rapid rate and the companies which come under health care are related to physiotherapy, ayurveda, medicine, skin treatment, pharmaceutical, gym, personal care etc.
If you want to increase your financial prospects under this sector franchisezing has various healthcare brands offering profitable franchising opportunities for business with low investment and maximum returns like Diet clinic, HLCC, VLCC.


Diet clinic specializes in providing different and innovative approaches for weight loss. The well qualified dieticians and nutritionists of Diet clinic give you the right guidance and motivation following which will lead to the customers reduced health risk and a blooming healthy lifestle.

Franchising has played a big role in the expansion of health care industry in India. Health and wellness franchising focuses on many areas like day care for elders, home heath care services, opening up of gym and fitness centers, weight loss clinics and much more. So why not take a step forward towards making people healthy and fit. Own a health care franchise today!


Inspired by the iconic vision of ‘‘transforming lives'' the vlcc wants to spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life and work. With a presence in 300 locations panning 121 cities and 16 countries VLCC has revolutionized the health care industry. With the expected ROI of 30-40% it is a good choice for investment.

HLCC (Hair loss control clinic)

If you are interested in franchising opportunities for your own financial growth- the well qualified and unmatched experience of HLCC can just get you what you want. HLCC is a recognised health care brand which operates globally for hair loss treatments with more than 25 years of experience one can imagine the technical expertise with which they treat their customers providing greater customer satisfaction.

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