The most well-adjusted, happiest, healthiest individuals are those who carry good habits through their work and personal lives alike--and the habit of self-care is among the most important.

Guess what? Those same individuals are also more likely to be comfortable financially.

It wasn't just good luck that got them there. There's a connection between health and wealth. But it's important to start on the right side of the equation. You can't achieve optimal health by putting in more hours at the office. But you can put yourself on a path to greater financial success by getting a handle on your physical and mental fitness--through wise nutrition, sound habits, adequate down time, and a positive mindset.

If you slave away at a job, focused only on making your next dollar, while neglecting your own need for self-care, your wellbeing will surely suffer, which leads to further stress on both personal and professional fronts.

It can become a vicious spiral. Don't let it! Put a stop to the cycle by identifying where you can make small but important changes. Here is a handful of unusual ideas that should get you started toward a robust personal wellness toolbag--and a healthy bank account, as well!

1) Think "TGIF...and also M,T,W, and Th."
Who hasn't celebrated the end of the work week at one time or another? Many people feel proud of themselves for work well done but also, admittedly, tired after powering through task after task and making it all the way to some much-needed weekend down-time.

There's nothing wrong with celebration, but it's wise to remember--especially in a time when you might find the economic situation challenging--that you are fortunate to have a job or career. (And not just on Fridays.) Unless you are actively searching for a new position or are contemplating retirement, why not revel in the fact that you are, indeed, employed? You are making a contribution. And you are earning along the way.

What if you are simply unhappy with your situation? Look for those bright spots in each day--even if they have nothing to do with the job. A picturesque view during the morning commute? A smile from a colleague? A calming walk through the park during your break? Find your silver lining, and embrace it. Even if your position is not optimal, there are often small details that make work life bearable.

Or, perhaps you can think of your time in this job as a well-known business coach calls it: a "business loan," a financial opportunity to subsidize other aspects of your life. Now that's something to celebrate!

2) Could your toilet be cleaner than your desk?
Sounds rather silly, but reports actually show that most of our work surfaces, keyboards, and phones aren't cleaned as often as our bathrooms.

Wash your hands often. It makes sense to give your stressed immune system--as well as the toll illness can take on your productivity--a break from the contaminants and microbes that might be lurking in the office. (I've often advised patients that stress can come from eating at their workdesks...knowing what you know now, sounds like stress isn't the only great reason for making a different lunch location part of your new routine.)

3) Choose the right fuel to keep stress hormones in check.
If you're living on coffee and sugary foods, you may be sending your stress level on an hours-long roller coaster ride every day. All that rising and falling puts unnecessary pressure on the body's systems, leading to physical exhaustion and mental burnout. And that's no way to be a top performer in your career.

Eating protein and healthy fats--such as those found in avocado, chicken or fish on salad, and vegetables--will ensure that you have a balanced energy supply to fuel you, body and mind alike. And don't forget lots of water.

Don't postpone your physical and mental comfort until after business hours. Make a point of incorporating wellness techniques throughout your work day, and you may find yourself with greater acuity, longer ability to concentrate, and less afternoon fatigue even when you're at your busiest. And that puts you in a powerful earning position.

Author's Bio: 

Roberta Roberts Mittman, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., M.S., is a nutritional and lifestyle consultant, holistic mindset mentor, and nationally board-certified acupuncturist. Using natural, drug-free techniques, Roberta opens the door to complete mind-body health. Roberta's goal is not only to relieve patients' illness and discomfort, but to help them set realistic goals for physical and mental preventative care and overall wellness. Roberta believes in empowering individuals to be their own best healers.