Due to a multitude of reasons like shortage of qualified nurses, the changing medical landscape, and the demand for better patient outcomes, there is wide spread demand for practice nurses who are advanced and trained at DNP or doctoral level.

Opportunities for Advancement

There are many institutions that can prepare you to move your career to the next level by offering you advanced training. If for instance, you have become a nurse by obtaining the associate’s degree and you have qualified to be an RN by passing the examination, the next obvious step to further your career is to undertake the RN to BSN degree course. By obtaining a degree, you will be setting yourself up to being a leader in the healthcare industry because of the extra training and education.

The RN to BSN change of career is not the end of the road towards higher goals. Opportunities for advancement still exist in the MSN or Master of Science in Nursing which you can achieve by continuing your education. And apart from the MSN, you could still pursue another degree to achieve a doctoral nursing or DN degree. Or take the bsn to np route to becoming a nurse practitioner. Whichever direction you take can lead you to a promising, stable career in medicine.

Technological Innovations

As you might already be aware, the medical field is a fluid and dynamic industry which sees several technological advances that you need to remain abreast of, and there is no other way of preparing yourself to seize the new challenges and professional opportunities other than by stepping up from the RN to BSN degree.

For nurses seeking to widen the horizons of their careers, the best key for opening doors is to get a baccalaureate degree. Such a move will empower you to look for jobs in several settings in the healthcare sector. The best indicators for the popularity of nurses having a BSN degree are the numerous openings for them that are routinely featured in the current job marketplace.

A Hub of New Positions

One of the largest generators of new responsibilities and positions is the field of nursing. And with an abundance of elderly nurses who are soon retiring, the trend will not change anytime in the near future.

A bachelor’s degree will enable you to take advantage of the administration and management positions that abound in the industry. You could, for instance, become a nurse case manager or a director of nursing. Additionally, there are various roles involving direct care for patients in operating theaters. You could still work as a forensic or trauma nurse.

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