usage and Eggs May Help You Lose Weight

Studies have shown that both fat and protein slow the absorption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream.

instant oatmeal - sugar and carbs
bagel - all carbs
donuts - ditto
toast - carbs
fruit - sugar
juice more sugar
See what I’m talking about?

And here’s the great thing about including fat and protein with your breakfast: It may help you lose weight and trim your waistline!

By slowing down the consumption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, you will feel full longer and your body will have a steady supply of energy. Most people tend to consume fewer calories when they eat a balancd breakfast.
I’ve noticed that I consume fewer calories when I include protein and fat with my breakfast and I think you will too.

I’m a big fan of sausage and eggs so I would have no problem eating that every day but when I’m looking for something a little health life, I have some yogurt.

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Are You Making Progress with your Exercise Program?

If you’ve been consistent with your workouts for a few weeks and you’re not seeing the type of progress you’d like to be seeing with your exercise program, I would advise to take a look at the two following things:

The first is your diet. Are you eating well? Do you eating a well-balanced diet and are you eating 4-6 smaller meals versus 2-3 big ones?

It’s very important to eat smaller-portioned meals (4-6) throughout the day as opposed to the 3 (breakfast, lunch and dinner) that most are accustomed to because eating smaller meals ( puts your metabolism into calorie-burning mode. This is especially important for people who can only fit in 2-3 workouts per week but generally speaking, it’s a good diet strategy for anybody to follow. Never eat to get full; only enough to get you through until your next meal.

What you eat is obviously also very important. Try to stay away from fat and greasy foods, processed sugars and pretty much anything fried.

Eat as clean as possible.

The second would be recuperation. Are you sleeping and resting enough? Depending on how old you are and how hard you’re working out, you may need more sleep then the average person who I think sleeps something like 5-7 hours a night.

If you’re not sleeping, if you’re not resting, if you’re not giving your body a chance to recuperate from your workouts, then you’re not giving your body a chance to grow and make progress.

do you eat right and you’re sleeping enough and you’re still not making progress in the gym, it may be time to look at your current exercise program. You would be amazed how quickly your body adapts to the workouts that you throw at it.

Eat well, sleep and continually throw different workouts at your body and I guarantee you will make progress.

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Challenge Yourself Daily

It sounds easy enough enough right?

But after a few weeks you run out of ways to continue challenging yourself.

It’s unevitable unless you:

a.) continue to learn new exercise/ workout routines and techniques.

b.) keep a training log.

The easiest way to satisfy the first is to subscribe to fitness magazines or maybe hire a personal trainer depending on how serious you are.

You can also stay up to date by checking this Blog often as I plan on posting some sample workouts pretty soon and I’ll of course keep you posted on all new excercise programs that hit the scene.

The latter option is actually what I want to focus on today.

By keeping a training or workout log, you can make it 10 x easier to consistently challenge yourself to improve upon previous workouts.

A training log is simply a log that details every exercise you perform (in the gym or at home), number of sets, number of reps and of course the weight.

By logging all of this information, all you have to do to improve on your previous workout is look at your previous workout (in your log) and “pick your spots” as I like to say where you can make some improvements in.

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Bodybuilding to Burn Fat

Several people don’t realize it but one of the most effective methods for burning fat is bodybuilding (working out with weights/resistance training).

Not only will replacing just some of the fat on your body with muscle convert your body into a calorie burning furnace but minute for minute bodybuilding workouts consume more energy and calories then to cardio workouts which most people do to “burn fat.”

So the next time you want to lose some weight or burn some fat instead of jumping on a treadmill, hit the weights.

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Use a Training Partner for Motivation

This post is for my wife who didn’t like the advice I gave out in a recent post titled This is How to Motivate Yourself.

This is for those of you who think it’s a little too risky to give a less-then-flattering picture of yourself in a bathing suit to your friends for fear of having it plastered all over the internet.

Another great way to get and stay motivated and to stick to an exercise program is to find a training partner who has similar goals as you and to train together.

Having a training partner is great because you can pick each other up when one of you isn’t motivated. You can spot each other in the gym. You can push yourselves. And it’s a lot easier to eat healthy when you have “nutrition conscious” friends to hang around with.

So if you’re having trouble motivating yourself, you may want to consider a training partner.

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It’s always a good idea to set goals for yourself whenever you decide to participate in an exercise program.

Like pretty much anything else in life, you have a much better chance of achieving whatever it is you want to accomplish if you have a detailed map or guide that will help guide you on your path.

Setting a goal is very easy. Just ask yourself what you want to get out of all this exercise you’re going to be doing. Maybe you want to lose 10 lbs., drop a couple of dress sizes or add a couple of inches to your arms…whatever the case.

Goals will help get you there quicker.

Here are 3 quick tips I recommend when considering goals:

Make sure they’re realistic. If working out 5 x a week isn’t realistic for you then don’t make it a goal. You want to set yourself up for success here, not failure.
Have some short-term goals. Long-term goals (losing 10 lbs.) are great but short-term goals (working out 4 x this week) will keep you focused from day-to-day.
Write them down. Writing down your goals just make them more powerful. It makes them real (at least for me).
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This is how to Motivate Yourself

Back when I was a personal trainer one of the biggest complaints I would hear from people who wanted to get started (but couldn’t) with a fitness cares program was a lack of motivation.

Lack of motivation?

If you really want to get your lazy butt in the gym, here’s what I think you should do.

Take a picture of your fat butt in a bikini or shorts and send the pictures to 5 of your friends.

Invite your friends out to lunch and let them know about your fitness goals and how you need there help to get started.

Tell them that if they don’t receive 3 pictures a week of you working out (at the gym, at home, wherever it doesn’t matter) that they have your permission to send those pictures to whoeever they want!

Nothing and I mean NOTHING is a bigger motivator then public humiliation.

The point is this. Maybe you don’t have to be this drastic. But you know you better then anyone else does and you know what will motivate you enough to get you in the gym so whatever that thing is… DO IT!
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