So, we’re in the midst of January, a new year and a new decade and the time of year when a lot of people decide ‘I want a new me!’

A new year brings a whole manner of resolutions, carefully written down in diaries and notebooks across the world. Must start the gym.... must eat healthier.... drink less.... lose weight..... Start a course.... becomes more educated. And so the changes begin, with all the best intentions.

Usually they only last a few weeks before the bottle of Pinot and packet of crisps come out, and, what do you know, you’ve missed your 7 am spin class.

Never fear, there’s always something that will make you feel better when you’ve broken your newly acquired and oh so precious health kick - even if it is just a placebo. The drinks listed below have some great detoxification and nutritional values, so a long as you drink them from Monday through Friday, you should be free to spend Saturday evening down the pub. Enjoy!

Bamboo Juice

Bamboo has to be one of the most adaptable plants on the planet; it can make houses, food, clothing, tools; and Panda bears very happy, and what’s more, it is now a delicious and nutritious health drink. It is used in Chinese medicine to alleviate certain types of chest complaints, and users claim that mixed with ginger and ingested as instructed it does just this!

Acai Berry Smoothie

Apparently Acai berries have more antioxidants than most other fruits in the world, I’m not quite sure what that means, but I do know that it is from Brazil, where it is very popular, and I’ve never seen anyone in Brazil with cellulite. Case closed!

Aloe Vera Juice

Extract of the plant Aloe Vera has long been known to be a healer, and this applies both inside and out of the body. When the juice is drunk it’s said to be great for your skin, and works real wonders for your digestive system. Vegetarians should take note, because Aloe Vera Juice is the only known, natural, vegetable source of vitamin B12.

Coconut Water

Apparently this is what ‘celebrities’ are going mad for, and as we in the 21st century are unable to think for ourselves without the help of Ms Cole et al, then I guess we should be drinking it too. Jokes aside, it’s actually very refreshing, and very good or you. It’s packed with electrolytes so is perfect to rehydrate after sports, and contains loads of potassium (which funnily enough really sorts a hangover out). (Oh and they drink loads of it in Brazil – see above.)

Wheatgrass Shot

Wheatgrass is a natural cleanser and 1 30ml shot is allegedly the equivalent of one kilo of fresh vegetables. It has vitamin C in abundance and various minerals and enzymes that’ll help clear you out and eliminate the bad stuff from your body.

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