In early times the art of skateboarding started for the surfers. There is a time when a surfer gets bored. He has no tides to ride. It was the time when surfers thought of having some fun when there was low tide. The surfers used to skate barefoot. Later over time, this has become an art. Now skateboarding is very popular. It is much common in boys under 18 years of age. Special parks are present for the skaters. They are allowed to perform tricks. These parks are increasing with the demand. The skateboarders opt for the best place where they can show a risky trick. Their passion has created many damages on the properties. Every skater finds his board. They have a strong connection with their board. They trust the board and leap such high risking stunts. There is a whole new life of skateboarding. The boys who skate try to buy the best quality. They look for the ability to get a grip on the floor immediately. Skateboarding was considered to be the sport of the spoiled boys. They were alleged to go on the bad side. But it has all changed with awareness. People now see the art of skating.

Safety of a skateboard

Skating is a form of sport. The risk of getting injured is great. A skater uses the plank of wood with wheels to perform stunts. This makes a skater an easy target to get injured. There are many injuries related to this sport. Several patients are admitted per year with the injury of skating. Most of the injuries are related to bone cracking. It is very common to get injured on the arm, head, legs back, etc. cuts and bruises are also common. There is also an addition of a broken nose, jaw, and head bumps. There are some severe cases reported.

Prevention of injuries

It is a high-risk sport. A skater has to perform stunts on a rolling plank. This makes him open to many possibilities of getting an injury. You will certainly fall off your skateboard. It does not matter how trained you are in skating. There are times when the laws of nature get in the way. It is important to understand what you can do to save much of yourself from injury.

  • Learn how to fall. Yes, it is true. You have to be careful about falling. Try to avoid falling straight on your body. Try to keep the momentum going and roll yourself. It will minimize the effect.
  • Follow the safety guide. It includes the use of helmet, knee pads, wrist grips, good shoes, and gloves.
  • Choose a smooth and straight surface to skate.
  • Inspect the field in which you are going to skate. Keep in mind if there is any bump or crack in the ground.
  • Skate in a well-lit area to avoid any injury
  • Skate in the places where there is less crowd. You should go to a skating rink to get most fun.

Equipment surety

It is a high-risk sport. It is inevitable to fell from skateboard. Before you get your skateboard and run out in the wild. You should get yourself geared up first.

  • Invest in a good helmet. It is for your safety. Choose the helmet of your size.
  • Wear skateboard shoes. These shoes are made especially for skateboarding. They are designed for the safety of the skater. They have strong gripping soles. Skateboard shoes are the best option. Though you can do skate with normal shoes they will damage soon. The upper layer of a skateboard is rough to create more friction and grip on the board.

Benefits related to skateboarding

It is a recognized sport. Skaters spend their most of the time to perfect a flip or any other stunt. It is h means of entertainment and stress reliever for many people. Even at the age of 18, a child needs to unwind and play with all its abilities. The skateboard offers them freedom and makes them shine. Many people see one side of the coin. They do not look at this in a good way. It is a game of spoiled children. To prove them wrong many skaters spend their entire life in making a positive image of the sport. Where there is such trolling of the sport, there are also many benefits of this game.

Physical fitness

Skateboarding demands real strength and stamina. A skater should be healthy and fit. In all the tricks it is required to have a sound grip on your body. It can only happen if you are fit in every way possible. The coordination of body and mind is also very important. When you are performing a stunt, you need to think fast on your feet. It is a matter of seconds to lose grip and fall on the ground. Your whole body needs to be in shape. It is an addictive sport. Many children pursue skating as a profession. No matter how much you skate, it is evident you will skate even more the next day. It is because skating is more fun. For more skating tips visit topouter

Skating requires a lot of strength. You have to work on a skateboard. The energy exerted on a skateboard comes from the burning calories in your body. You might not know but you can shed 100 -600 calories in an hour when you skate. These tricks take energy to perfect. Eating as much food to fulfill the required calories is very important.

Stress reliever

It is seen the most of the boys in this sport have any kind of problem in their lives. They start in releasing the tension they have at home. Many skaters have tough living styles. The freedom of skating helps them cope with the harshness of life. It helps concentrate on the joy of figuring out and perfecting a trick. In skating, you can make your moves. This gives a sense of power over something. This sport is a great stress reliever.

Boost confidence.

It is difficult to perform a trick and do it properly for the first time. You will repeat it again and again to perfect yourself. This will make you open to accepting your failure. It will prepare you for the upcoming difficulties of the worldly issues. All the pain and falling off the skateboard will make you strong. When you will perfect your trick and land on it perfectly, it will boost your confidence. This feeling of accomplishment will make you learn more and do more.



Although this sport is looked upon as a game of spoiled and broken people. They don't need to be going through some rough time. Many people skate for sake of fun. It is a highly regarded sport nowadays. There are many competitions for this sport. It is also a game of precision and coordination. People who skate have good reflexes. They are strong on both levels of physical and mental health. There are many benefits of skating. It shapes the life of a skater with confidence and self-endurance.



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