“Work-out” to Work your way out of a mundane life!

“Exercising is healthy” is a commonly known fact but would you believe if I say exercising can actually help you to achieve extraordinary things in life? Yes, regular exercise can help control the aging process, increase your IQ, protect you from incurable mental and physical diseases, loose addictions, and achieve healthy love life and improve your social relationships too.

It sounds like an exaggeration! But it is true!

Here are 10 interesting ways in which exercising helps you!

  1. Live longer with regular exercise!

The aging of cells slows down with regular exercise. A research says that people who exercise equivalent to 40 minutes of jogging for at least five days per week have significantly longer life that those who do not exercise. This is because exercise makes telomeres, the parts of human cells that affects how our cells age, stay intact for longer time.

  1. Exercise can help you increase your intellectual power

Regular Exercise leads to increase in our memory. This happens because the size of hippocampus, the region of the brain that is associated primarily with memory and learning, increases with daily workout.

Exercising also improves blood flow and supply of oxygen that boosts the growth of new brain cells.  Brain cell growth is a neurobiological change that leads to increase in the white matter in the brain. This helps us in thinking faster, boosts creativity and visualizations, improves our motor skills, helps in increasing our IQ and improves executive functions of our brain like learning, planning, decision making, logical thinking etc.

  1. Minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Cancer etc.

Hippocampus is the first area of brain that is affected by diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Regular Exercise increases the size of our “hippocampus” and thus, reduces the risk of such ailments. Exercise is known for improving the digestive system, blood circulation and respiratory functions. It also reduces probability of getting illnesses like stroke, pancreatic or colon cancer, leukemia etc.

  1. Exercising regularly helps you be in control of your emotions

Did you know that you can control your emotions with exercise? But how? This works in two ways.

First, exercise distracts you from the problem at hand.

Second, your body releases happy hormones (endorphins and dopamine hormones) during exercises which make you feel positive and replaces your bad feelings with good ones. Researches have revealed that people who exercise regularly appear to be more calm and under control in aggressive situations. If you are prone to losing your temper or feeling hurt easily, try hitting the gym today!

  1. Exercising alleviates stress & helps battle depression and anxiety

Stress gets you into depression or feel anxiety and exercise can help you get rid of it. Exercising releases a protein in your body that comes from your skeletal muscles. This protein absorbs the harmful compounds that are released in your body because of stressful activities, and prevents them from reaching the brain.

  1. You don’t just lose weight; you lose bad eating habits too.

If you exercise regularly for a long period of time, you will soon notice that your eating habits will start to change.

You stop craving for food.

You eat only when you are hungry

You drink more fluids and do not over eat!

So, if you need motivation for dieting, start exercising and your body will take care of the rest!

  1. Trouble getting out of an addiction?

Cigarette or Alcohol cravings can be reduced with short bouts of exercises as a therapy. Your desire to smoke will reduce as you keep following a routine of exercise. The endorphins and dopamine released in your body during work outs can help you feel euphoric for some time after the exercise which will replace your addiction in a healthy way.

People suffering from withdrawal symptoms must exercise to take their mind off cravings.

  1. Losing hair? Start exercising to grow hair longer, stronger and faster

Want to have beautiful and stronger hair? Try Exercise! When you exercise, you sweat and as a result toxins and other waste substances get flushed out of the body through your skin pores. This unclogs your hair follicles, leaving enough space for the new hair to grow on your head.

Exercise also increases blood flow to the surface of your skin thus supplying it with more nutrients and more oxygen. This would have the same effect as when you would take a head massage for an hour.  This nutrient supply makes your hair grow stronger.

  1. Exercise helps women give natural childbirth

Prescribed exercises can help expecting mothers to maintain their hormonal balance during pregnancy; this reduces chances of complications during labor. Exercises can loosen and relax the muscles that are strained during pregnancy. The core, abdominal and back muscles are strengthened due to exercise, thus, easing the process of natural childbirth.

  1. Regular exercise helps a positive self-image

Exercise gives you a well-toned body, positive attitude, makes you active and intelligent. All of this helps you build a positive self-image. Exercise gives you a holistic fitness.

Are these reasons sufficient enough to motivate you to hit the exercise button in your head?! So, stop thinking and start exercising today! And be regular!
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