Most of the people don’t know the real value of the video gaming. Playing a game is not just a waste of time. It’s not only about leading your army and defending your territory from the enemies. There is much more to this kind of entertainment. Much more aspects of the player’s life are affected. While the player is trying to find the right strategy for the game, he is actually investing in his own health. A great number of studies claim that engaging with video gaming can improve your health. Are you surprised? Read on to find out what kind of health benefits you can enjoy by playing certain types of video games.

Video gaming as an anxiety- releaser

Playing video games is one of the best ways to avoid anxiety. Next time when you‘re struggling with anxiety and irritation, just stop for a minute and get a break. As a substitute for cigarettes or coffee, try to engage with some video game. Shooting alien creatures or fighting bad guys in some video game, will definitely give you the fulfilling feeling that you’re trying to achieve. That is precisely what you must have to get away from the tense everyday problems. By accomplishing the targets in the game you are focused on something different then your ordinary daily schedule.

Video gaming can improve your eye vision

Do you have problems driving at night or you suffer from lazy eye? If so, playing action video games, such as, first person gun shooter games can improve your eye vision. Where is the evidence?

Well, a study has been made by Tel Aviv University. They tested 22 persons divided into two groups. After the testing, the results were shocking. Persons who participate in action games have 43% improvement in the contrast sensitivity function. That is the ability to notice miniature changes in shades of grey against a standardized background (this ability it’s essential for everyday activities, such as driving at night or reading). The players from the second group didn’t show any visual improvement.

Video games cure intense pain

Let’s make it clear. Video games won’t make your pain disappear. But they can help you deal with the pain. How is that possible? Engaging with the game distracts the mind from the pain. A professor at the Wheeling Jesuit University made a study on this issue. He noticed that, while playing games, those who were suffering from intensive pain temporary forget about the pain.

Therefore, next time you have a headache, choose video gaming as a natural cure for pain. Try playing sports games or fighting games. It’s proven that they can help the most in coping with the pain.

If you want to feel the positive effects of video gaming, you must be aware of two things. You must decide how much gaming is acceptable for you. Also, you have to find the right kind of game. Make your choice and invest in your health.

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