Hula Hooping is an activity loved by kids as well as adults. But this needs a lot of practice to master the skill. Using a Hula Hoop can give you a lot of health benefits. Burning belly fat is quicker when you do this exercise. This is actually a toy meant for kids. But it is a very effective exercise that gives good exercise to the hips. This exercise needs focus on how making the ring to swirl around the hips without falling down.  Buying one with the right diameter, hence count a lot. When the diameter is larger, the more easy will it be to pay with it.

Aerobics classes usually train hula hooping as the movement of the ring around the hip is very good for keeping the body in shape. It is also a good calorie burner. Benefits could be gained by anyone who does hula hooping regularly on a routine basis. Some of the benefits of hula hooping are:

Helps in reducing the fat in the stomach

Hula hooping can help in reducing the belly fat. It is a known fact that reducing the fat in the abdomen is something that is very difficult. With a hula hoop, you can move the stomach in a round motion, resulting in the burning of the fat in the abdomen. For better results, you need to exercise with hula hoop for at least half an hour every day.

Growth of Endorphin hormone in the brain

Endorphins are produced in glands that are present in the lower brain. These chemical compounds help in making a person comfortable, happy and full of energy. Hula Hooping is an exercise that makes the person happy and pleasant. The increase in the endorphins in the brain actually helps in relieving stress and to an extent wipes off depression.

Helps in reducing the risks of getting diseases

Hula hoop exercise workout helps in reducing risks of developing heart diseases; type 2 diabetes, cancer and even asthma. It has the same benefits as we go for regular walking or jogging, as per the studies done by the British Medical Journal. As walking regularly helps in preventing diabetes to a very large extent, so is hula hooping.

Gain a normal and healthy body weight

Losing weight will be easy with hula hoop exercises. While trying to lose weight,  one needs to burn nearly 600 calories per day, which is more than a person eats. Burning fat with the help of hula hoop is around 75 calories for a person who weights around 59 to 60 kg. The mass muscle too is increased with the help of this exercise.

Body Flexibility is gained

The swaying motion while doing the hula hoop exercise makes the body become more and more flexible. The regions of the body, such as hips, thighs and abdomen are the ones that find maximum benefits of the exercises with hula hoops.

Other benefits of hula hooping

For a healthy lifestyle, one can always choose hula hooping along with the right diet.  Some of the other major benefits that we can gain out of hula hooping are tightening of the hips, prevention of stress, tightening of breasts, gain good concentration, gain a healthy, well toned body, stable blood pressure, improved respiration, good posture and lots more.
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