Get ready for long days, gorgeous sunsets, sultry afternoons and of course, mangoes and watermelons too. But with all the boons of summer, there are some less obvious and subtle banes as well. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to enjoy summer to its fullest. Did you know, you can get dehydrated even without feeling thirsty? Sometimes, the symptoms are headaches, dizziness and nosebleeds.

So what’s the best way to stay hydrated this summer? Yes, there is water. But why not add a little flavour of summer into our lives! Here are some of the many health benefits of drinking tender coconut water -

Win with coconut water:
Coconut water acts as a natural electrolyte. So when you’re working out or playing sports, coconut water helps replenish your body fluids. What’s even better is that it is low in carbohydrates and sugar, so it works better than traditional sports drinks.

Cut out the calories:
Coconut water is one of the beverages with a very low-calorie count. Not only does it have lesser calories than your regular sodas, but it also has lesser calories than fruit juices as well. If you’re looking to sip of something, turn to the classic nariyal pani.

Cheer up an upset tummy:
Eating solid foods when you have an upset stomach isn’t the best idea, and surviving on just fluids can make you weak. The best solution is to switch to tender coconut. You get all the nutrients you need while helping your stomach recover. Tender coconut also helps in clearing intestines, further helping the process of digestion.

Help blood circulation:
We don’t really think if our blood is being well circulated. Well, that is an important aspect of our overall well being. Blood carries oxygen to our internal organs and due to unhealthy lifestyles, our blood thickens and isn’t able to circulate very well. Tender coconut contains arginine that helps the process of circulation. This, in turn, helps keep our internal organs healthy.

Kidney care:
Kidneys are important as they filter out the toxins we consume in our foods. They act like a sponge that soaks up the impurities in our system. From time to time, these sponges need cleaning too. Tender coconut contains potassium, which helps clear the kidney of toxins and can even prevent kidney stones.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should be drinking tender coconut water this coming summer. But yes, we know that the local vendors have become notorious in pricing and not giving us the best of the products. Try iD Smart Sip Tender Coconut. It is a completely natural tender coconut. You know exactly how sweet it is, how much water is present in it and how much pulp is in it too. You can purchase this tender coconut online on Big Basket as well. What’s better is that it’s packaged in the coconut shell itself, so it’s not doing any further harm to the environment. Get sipping now! Order here.

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