What color is your lens in healing?
Each healer has certain beliefs about healing, and uses these beliefs in their practice until you learn different and new concepts and change your beliefs again.

Role for the healer

Healing takes on different role for the healer, for some you may use your intuition and trust and hope that what you are receiving is right and pure, for you may not always know in a logical way or were told by other what to do.

You did not take a class because others have done it, some of these people do what feels right and hope for the best while another group will follow the structure that you were taught.

Step by step

If you have learn that you must go step by step, and you will follow what you were taught and not what you feel within because that would be stepping out the structure of what you know, and that may bring up fears which may limit your ability to heal.

With step by step, you may use your creativity and still hold on to the structure of what you were taught.

An example would be, you were taught that the person need to go through different steps 1-9 and you feel that you can heal instantly yet your structure of healing does not permit you to go beyond or trust in what you feel or know to be your truth.

Stepping out your structure

Stepping out your structure may also ask you to be creative, to step out of the boundaries and declare to the world that you know what you are doing, and that you trust in yourself.

To step out of the boundaries of what you were taught takes courage to be different knowing others will talk against you for following what you feel to be your truth within.

Stepping out the system

Stepping out the system that you were taught is sometimes difficult because some people do not want you to go future than them.

Some are afraid that once you step out of the system you will no longer be accepted by the same people that once call you friend because you were all taught at the same place about a healing system.

Systems of healing

Systems of healing are structures to help you create a foundation, so that you may build a trust in yourselves and eventually go beyond the structure if you hold on to the structure and do not go further are you the master of the structure or is the structure mastering you?

It takes courage for you to declare to the world that you are a healer because you and the world will ask you to prove it, the words may come out in your head as “ show me what you say is true” and if you are not willing to declare your truth then you will feel as a maybe healer.

Conclusion: Is your belief coloring your lenses to healing or are you able to change your lenses according to your needs become the master healer.

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