For those who have not heard of the Akashic Records, let me briefly explain. Also referred to as the “Hall of Records” or the “Book of Life”, the Akashic Records are a giant energetic database of every person, place, or thing that has ever existed. It contains all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos, and as such, this “database” is infinite and unending. The Akashic Records are the most comprehensive existing source of information and the place that actually holds each person’s Soul record, or history. Events, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and ideas are recorded there as well.

Traditionally, the Akashic Records have been a point of access for information about our past life experiences so we can gain more insight into who we were and how we lived then. Having this deeper understanding of ourselves is one way to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves in our current lifetime and why we might be experiencing what we are today. The reason why is that we often carry energy from past-life experiences forward with us into future lifetimes, affecting our current experiences both positively and negatively.

In truth, the Akashic Records can be used to find out just about anything we want. It is also an extremely valuable tool when used to facilitate healing because you can find the historical source of any present-life problem. It is also the best place to conduct a clearing for negative energy because you are working directly at the Soul-level, allowing you to tap the very core of a person’s being to find and clear out the negativity that has been causing them difficulty in their present-day life. This is precisely what I do when I work with clients.

When accessing a client’s Soul record, I focus on one issue or a grouping of issues that the client is working on and I ask a specific set of questions to help identify the energetic source of those issues. This can be anything: an imprint, or “stamp,” on the energy field from past experiences; a behavioral pattern that once served them, but is no longer conducive to their life journey; or a belief received genetically from family that causes us to act against our own best interest. These are just a few examples of the many possible sources of problems we may have in our lives.

The best part about working at Soul-level from this perspective is that the changes are so direct that they begin to manifest very quickly in a person’s life – within days or weeks, versus months or years with some other modalities. When working on the Spiritual Plane, the changes are much more profound and pronounced than if you work directly on the physical body, as in the case of Reiki or other hands-on healing modalities. This is because you are going directly to the "source," so to speak, or the place that actually holds the information. As a result, this is also the best place to make changes to help the client move forward in their life.

Not to mention, anytime you call on a Higher Power, Angels, Ascended Masters, or Divine Source Energy for assistance, you are automatically calling on the most powerful source of assistance in existence because their powers are so much greater than we can ever understand. And when you take that assistance directly to the place where the negative energy is recorded, and ask for it to be cleared away, you are sure to have a profound effect on your life that you will not achieve through any other method of healing.

Author's Bio: 

Sallie Keys is a certified Soul Realignment and Usui Reiki Levels I & II Practitioner, with training in Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, 21st Century Energy Medicine with Deborah King, The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and Sandra Anne Taylor's Quantum Life Coaching.

She helps spiritually-oriented healers, teachers, counselors, and coaches maximize their healing abilities, unlock their greatest gifts, and step fully into their power by identifying the energetic source of chronic health, emotional, financial, and relationship issues and resolve them in only one session. Her recent addition of Artwork That Heals You to her offerings have allowed her to bring her healing work into the world into an entirely new way.

You can learn more about Sallie’s energy healing and artwork on her website at