How quickly do you heal? Is it really possible to heal rapidly, even from things that are supposed to be untreatable and have been with us awhile? What does it take to turn around our health?

So many of us have heard the phrase “healing takes time”. For most, that has been applied to the emotional and mental healing; however, for the physical we have also heard this. However, more so, we hear things like “that cannot be treated” or “there is no treatment” or “you will have to take this pill for the rest of your life” or “this will be a long road to recovery”.

When I hear these things, I say “says who?”. I have heard all of these from doctors at one point or another. It is a good thing that I didn’t believe them either. I have removed myself completely from medications that doctors said I had to be on my entire life.

Given the body’s ability to regenerate, there is no reason that it has to go through years and years of suffering or recovery. Most of what seems to inhibit healing, besides our state of mind, is the body’s ability to send and receive messages; particularly from the brain in order to allow the body to understand what it needs to do.

Most disorders is just that, the body acting in a realm of chaos and without direction. I would say that when the body is unable to communicate within itself confusion happens and this leads disorders. If receptors and cells are not receiving the messages it needs to know how to function, confusion happens and distortions occur. However, when it gets clear messages; it can regenerate in amazingly short periods of time.

One person that specializes in assisting this process is Master Matthew. He uses energetic frequencies that help people clear up their energy field and thus be able to transmit the needed information throughout the body; so that people are able to heal themselves. His work uses what is known as Electromagnetic Resonance.

This is something we are gradually hearing more about; but to put it in everyday language, this is helping the body remember in it’s cells the state of health. It is a sort of rewiring or reconnecting process. We can perhaps relate this to a broken link on the web. When a link has been broken you cannot access the site. The link must be repaired, refreshed, re-established, and/or corrected in order for it to work again.

What is exciting about this type of a technique, is that rapid healing becomes possible. This is because, the body through the reconnective process can get the necessary information into where it needs to go, sending a strong signal. Of course, the purer we can make our bodies the more effective and faster the healing. This is like keeping the cache cleaned out on your computer so that it can move and respond faster.

It is so wonderful to think that we don’t have to wait months and months on end for restoration to happen; but can through these types of techniques, achieve rapid healing with some very solid and lasting results. We no longer have to suffer in pain and malfunctions; but can simply repair our broken links, and live in great health even when traditional medicine says this is not possible. I am living proof that the doctors are not always right about these things; and that we do not have to live on drugs or accept disorders as permanent in our bodies.

Are you living the healthy and happy life that you want? Do you have things that you would like to restore within your body? Are you accepting traditional medicine as the only option, or are you re-connecting your own channels and healing yourself?

Jesse An Nichols George

Coding Interpreter

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