When someone takes the first step on their healing journey and looks into what they can do to experience life differently, they may have suffered for many years. As a result of this, they may want their life to change more or less overnight.

If the pain that they are in is unbearable, it is to be expected that they will have such a strong need to experience life differently. It could be a challenge for them to handle life or they might just be able to keep it together.

From Here

This first step could involve them reading a book on self-development or they could go straight in for therapy. What could play a part here is what position they are in financially.

If they have the means, working with a therapist or a healer might not be an issue. But even if they don’t have the means, they may find that they are able to have a number of free counselling sessions, for instance.


There could be a number of reasons as to why it took them so long to reach out for assistance. For one thing, even though what they were going through was painful, it might have been what was normal.

Thus, even though it was causing them problems, they wouldn’t have realised that their life could be any different. Additionally, they might not have believed that they deserved to experience life differently.

The Catalyst

After having a realisation or simply getting to the point where enough was enough, they would have been able to draw the line. What may have also played a part is a conversation that they had or even an advert that they saw on social media, for instance.

Something like this may have triggered something inside them, thereby allowing them to take action. So having taken the first step and kept going, they should have a clearer idea as to what is going on and they may have made a certain amount of progress.

The Cause

They may have looked into why their life is the way that it is or they may have purely focused on experiencing life differently. If they have looked into why it is the way it is, they may have come to see that their early years were not very nurturing.

Perhaps this was a time when they were abused and/or neglected. This could be as far as it goes or they may have also come to see that what their ancestors went through has also been passed down to them.

Moving Forward

Regardless of whether they have looked into why their life is the way it is, there might be a number of things that they would notice; that’s if they were to take a step back. In addition to having a strong need to change their life, they might want to change or fix what is taking place inside them, believe that someone else is going to change their life and have a strong critical voice.

Each of these things is likely to have an impact on how they experience life and on how they behave. However, providing that they keep going and question what they believe, they should experience life differently and their behaviour should change.

The First One

As they work through their inner wounds and become more at peace with themselves, their need to change their life will most likely subside. This doesn’t mean that every part of their life will be perfect; what it means is that it will be easier for them to be in a place of acceptance.

And, through being more at ease with what is going on, they may find that it is easier for them to change their life. This will come down to the fact that what is resisted is what will persist, so by removing a lot of their resistance their life will be more aligned with who they are.

The Second One

Their need to change or to fix what is taking place inside them can be replaced by the ability to simply be with what is taking place. This will most likely show that they have built up their presence and are able to hold the space for themselves, allowing them to just be with their inner world.

One is then not going to be doing anything; they will just be giving whatever comes up the space to be expressed and to be heard. This alone can be enough for ‘negative’ thoughts and feelings to be released.

The Third One

The idea that someone else is going to change their life can be cast aside, with them having a strong knowing that they are the ones who are going to transform their life. They could even look back on their life and see that they have been the ones who have made the difference.

It could be clear that if they hadn’t taken the first step, their life would have stayed the same. So although they will have been assisted by others, they had to get the ball rolling to begin with.

The Forth One

Lastly, if they do something wrong or make a mistake, they could find that they don’t end up laying into themselves. By having a nurturing inner voice, they will be their own best friend as opposed to their own worst enemy.

Having this energy inside them will make it a lot easier for them to handle what takes place in their life. This will have a positive effect on their wellbeing and make it easier for them to be kind to others.


If someone is at the beginning of their healing journey, they will now have a rough idea as to what their life can be like as time goes by. Yet, if someone has been on the path for a while, they may already experience life in this way.

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