The healing from hurt begins with an attempt to release the reason for the hurt. So long as the individual still holds on to that pain, it would continue eating deeper and deeper, making it difficult for the person to be healed from that emotional hurt.

This is really what obtains in marriage. We see folks who are facing major marital problems. A lot of them caused by what many persons regard as the hardest challenge that can come in a marriage. We're talking about infidelity. After a person has been the victim of infidelity, finding healing from infidelity can seem impossible. There's no truth in this.

A lot of people find this process of healing hard since they first must forgive their spouse before the healing process can start. We now arrive at a really critical matter. Can I forgive my spouse for being unfaithful?

Let no one mislead you into believing that forgiving infidelity is at all easy. This is a very difficult process. The word "process" wasn't used in error. It's a process and should be seen as such. You cannot simply wake up and forgive your partner of the act. What you can do once is to make the decision to forgive. The process begins after this and would take some time.

One thing that makes folks struggle so much with forgiveness is the problem of mixing forgiveness with forgetting. The only way you would forget is if you suffer from some type of amnesia. Unless this is the case, it's a memory you would always live with. When you forgive, it would be a memory and nothing more. How do you do this?

The first thing anyone has to do is decide to go through the path of forgiveness. Deciding to forgive starts with acceptance. You have to acknowledge that the event has occurred and can't be changed. This is really important if you would move to the next stage.

Your next agenda now entails working on your marriage. You really have to do this since your trust in your partner has been broken by the act. No marriage can do well without trust. This being so, that trust has to be rebuilt. Much of the job would however be done by the guilty partner. For this to succeed, the hurt partner must be willing to trust again. Without going through the initial process of coming to terms and choosing to forgive, the offended spouse may find it hard to receive the spouse's effort at winning back their trust.

Just as trust has to be regained, communication also has to be restored. Without communication being back, both partners can't communicate their hurt on the one hand and remorse on the other. Once sincere remorse can be expressed, the process of forgiveness is hastened.

There is no need to stress the importance of communication. You would generally find cases of emotional affair and other issues when communication is bad. It's a gradual process, but you can get healed.

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You can only experience healing from infidelity when you have learned to forgive. Do not let emotional affair destroy your marriage. Get help.