What someone is likely to find is that there are times in their life when they react. When this takes place, something inside them will have been triggered and they will do something that they wouldn’t usually do.

Therefore, instead of responding to something; it will have been as though they were being controlled by someone or something else. In other words, they will have lost the ability to act like a conscious human being.
A Small Problem

At times, this can happen and it might not cause too much trouble. For example, someone could ask them to do something and they could end saying no in an aggressive tone.

The other person could get annoyed with them for reacting in this way, but they could soon forget about it. At the same time, something like this could build up, becoming a big problem over time.

A Big problem

At other times, this can happen and it could cause all kinds of problems. For example, someone could ask them not to do something or cut them up in traffic and they could completely lose it.

If someone asked them not to do something and they ended up losing it, and this person was their boss or their partner, for instance, they could lose their job or push their partner away. As for losing it whilst they are driving, they could get into a fight or even get into trouble with the authorities.

A Massive Distraction

Regardless of what they do, if it relates to something significant, it is going to make it harder for them to lead a fulfilling and harmonious life. Ultimately, they are going to be wasting their life by allowing themselves to be controlled by their emotions and instincts in this way.

In order for them to experience more self-control, they will most likely need to develop the ability to detach from what is taking place inside them and to observe what is going on. The fact that they are unable to do this could show that their brain is not working as it should.

One Option

Still, even if this is the case, it doesn’t mean that one can’t do anything about this. One thing that they can do to develop this ability is to meditate, and this is something that they can do a few times a week.

By developing their ability to step back from their inner reactions, they will start to notice when something is triggered inside them and to be with it. This will give them the chance to respond, as opposed to reacting.

Another Element

Through developing this ability, they will be able to get a deeper understanding of why they react. Not only wouldn’t they have had the awareness to stop themselves before, but they wouldn’t have been aware of why they got so worked up.

So by being able to stop themselves and to see what is taking place inside them, what they may have found is that there is a small child inside them that is in a lot of pain. This will then explain why they have got so worked up over things that were fairly trivial.

Inner Wounds

Many years will have passed since they were a small child, yet they will carry many wounds from that stage of their life. These wounds would have stayed inside them because they were not given the care and attention that they needed during this time for them to heal.

Another way for one to understand what these wounds are like would be for them to imagine that a cut on their arm has been covered up and that this cut needs attention to heal. It won’t matter how many days, weeks or years pass, it will still be there.

Calling Out For Attention

For many years, these wounds would have been covered up, yet there will have been times when certain triggers opened them up. It wouldn’t have mattered if what took place in their adult life had nothing to do with the wound that was inside them, as what took place would have given the child apart of them the chance to express itself.

Another way of looking at this would be to say that the only reason something happened to them was due to the fact that they were an energetic match for the experience. Ergo, once they heal an inner wound, they may find that they no longer have certain experiences.

It Is Clear

Before they were able to step back and to observe their inner world, it would have been normal for them to believe that another person made them feel a certain way or behave a certain way. Now, thanks to the self-awareness that they have developed, they will be able to see what is going on.

Their adult-self can then be there for their child-self, which will allow them to process what they were unable process when they were a child. The more wounds that they heal the easier it will most likely be for them to act like a conscious human being.


One thing that one may find, at last in the beginning, is that it is hard for them handle how they feel. As a result of this, they might not be able to heal their inner wounds all by themselves.

This is where the assistance of a therapist or a healer will be needed. Someone like this will hold the space, so that one can go where they wouldn’t go by themselves.

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