Healing after a break up can still give you so many questions left unanswered at the back of your mind. Really, when will you realize that you're done grieving? Is it really enough for you? Are you aware with what you are feeling? Will you allow yourself to keep on asking reasons and why's about the break up? How many times shall your heart be broken? Why do you feel as if you lost your life when break up happens? Can you let him/her go? Move on and let go.

Heartbreak makes you feel distress. It's the hardest, painful and worst feeling ever.In these days after a break up, you still find yourself going over and over the memories you once shared and the fantasies like you and him/her will be forever, which actually make the feeling worse. But, even if you are stuck with him, time will not stop from the time your heart was broke, it will continue to move. And so just like time, you are to move forward as well. You will see one day that you will be learning so many things and improve yourself as the best person ever.Moving on will also make you realize that it's never to late to start again a new life.

As they say, time heals all wounds, so what should you do to start healing after a break up? If healing process is desired, you may do the following steps:

• Let the relationship end. Accept that you are officially separated and at the moment, no contacts with him please. Without seeing him/her in month or so will make the healing much easier. Give your partner space and no texting, emailing and driving secretly to their house.

• Keep calm and do things you always like. Be physically fit through regular exercises and to divert all the negative feelings about the break up. Be socially active means you are in good relationship with friends and families which are your support system that can boost as well your moral and confidence.

• Feeling and absorbing the pain is normal for you to undergo. Just do not allow the pain to control you and pull you down because it will make your healing harder. You can tell it all to your friends and cry for a moment. Your family's and friend's warm hugs and a tap from the back can be somehow relieving.

• REVENGE cannot help you remove all the hurts and pains Don’t throw stones on their house nor scratch his/her car with a stone. That's the most illogical and immature thing you can ever do. Remember, revenge is not for him; just do good things and good karma will take care of it.

• Do the things you love. Short vacation can help you feel so renewed and rejuvenated and gain that positive thing in mind about your self, life and relationship.

• Learning to forgive and forget allows healing to happen. It is hard to do it immediately but the feeling of a light heart will give you happiness.

• Allow need for change and stop blaming games because it can only worsen the condition.

Break up doesn't need to be considered as the end of your world. Break up is only the consequence of the end of the relationship. The main reason for break up is that love is all gone. No matter what the reasons are, we are human and we have given a natural way of dealing with these feelings. In life, it is normal that suffering can happen anytime and even on the most unexpected moment, such as healing after a break up that must involve essential elements to bring about new changes in yourself and if possible, to the relationship.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Second Chance Romance Review and the tips on how to Bring Back Lost Love.