Blooming under the Healer’s hands:

Humans are not indestructible. We are vulnerable to physical and emotional diseases. But the human spirit is undeniably indestructible. This is the reason why humanity is the only species that has learned to restore health of all forms. Over the centuries, our methods of healing have taken many surprising turns.

Healing is a sacred process. When a hand that can destroy, is instead used to soothe and help others- surely there cannot be a more divine process than that. All of us are capable of certain forms of healing- self healing, for instance. Through personal growth and positivity, it’s possible to learn how to revive your happy, healthy self.

However, there is often damage that even self healing cannot fix. You’ll need to turn to an expert: a healer who has mastered his techniques over the years. What’s important to note is that there are many forms of healing.

Heteropathic Healing:

Modern medicine deals with healing a person in the most systematic and efficient way possible. The problems of a person can be broken down into two categories- his physical and psychological ailments. With well tested surgical methods and intensive psychiatric therapy, there is no doubt that heteropathy can go a long way in healing a person.

But the primary drawback of heteropathy is that it treats a patient’s physical and mental health as two completely different aspects. This could mean that a person with a deadly disease, who’s condition worsens because of his emotionally disturbed state, will only be treated at the physical level. His emotional disturbances can bring back the disease even after he’s physically cured. Similarly, a person with mental stress is often not examined for physical ailments and his pain gets neglected.

Holistic Healing:

Holistic healing is the most broad term used to describe the branch of healing that deals with the balance of physical and mental health. Holistic approach of medication believes that physical and mental healths are interrelated. A person must heal both aspects in order to be truly healthy.

This broadened perspective implies that holistic healing often considers spiritual energy in many of its techniques. The best part about holistic healing is that it has a vast multitude of branches, and these branches require their own degree of expertise and skill. Each branch can solve a unique set of health problems. Many experienced healers often combine techniques so as to produce optimum results. Holistic medicine frequently involves the delicate hands of Nature.

Meditation, yoga, homeopathy, ayurveda, acupuncture, massage therapy, Alexander technique, Reiki healing, Crystal healing, Angel healing, Naturopathy, psychic surgery, Aromatherapy, Tibetan medicine, energy therapy, colour therapy are some of the most popular forms of holistic healing.

Finding the right pair of hands:

Finding a good holistic healer who can produce actual results is one of the major challenges when a person considers alternative medicine. Experience is a key factor while evaluating the authenticity of a healer. Another key aspect is that of a healer’s understanding of his patient. Only a healer with a lot of empathy and a firm grasp of his patient’s problems can produce results.

Physical and emotional ailments should be taken very seriously. It’s important to keep all your options open and seek out the most suitable branch of healing and healer for you.

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My name is Harini Srivatsan. I am a young college student and aspiring writer. She believes that if the powers of the youth and wisdom of the old join forces, lives can be changed for the better.