Want to discover how you can ‘Shine your Light’ brighter and reach your full potential as a Healer or Lightworker?

As a professional healer I am often approached by other healers wanting to find ways to heal their own wounds and self-imposed limitations, so that they can ‘step out of their own way’ and really get on with using their healing gifts and knowledge for the benefit of each other, humanity and the planet.

I have observed 5 key areas that healers and lightworkers need to address to reach their full potential and do their healing work at a much higher vibration.

1. Become part of a community of like-minded people
Too often, as a healer or lightworker, you may feel isolated in your family or social network as being ‘different’, possibly even a little bit ‘weird’! Many times that naturally high sensitivity leads to shying away from others and a tendency to introversion. Nurturing, supportive relationships can seem difficult to find. You may fear authentic expression of yourself for fear of ridicule or persecution (something which may have been a very real threat to you in previous lifetimes as a healer).

I have always believed in the importance of creating a safe space and networking opportunities, both personally and via the wonder of the internet, so that likeminded souls can really open up and talk freely together about issues that really interest them - a place, real or virtual, where others really ‘get’ where they are coming from and can engage in deep, meaningful conversations and learn from each other.

The benefits of such a community of like-minded healers can be far-reaching. Not only are you actively-engaged in the like-minded community, you can be happier and more confident about fully expressing yourself as a healer or lightworker, your vibration naturally raises, allowing you to do your healing work at a higher level.

2. Strengthen your connection to Source
Some of the ways I recommend are by spending more time Being than Doing, meditating more, being still and going deep within. Feel and write down daily in a journal everything you feel Gratitude for. Spend more time surrounded by the sights, sounds and aromas of Nature to feel your connection to the Divine strengthen. Whatever gives you pure, natural joy brings you closer to the Divine and ignites that Divine spark within you.

3. Put yourself as your number 1 priority
Healers and lightworkers are hard-wired to give to others! In order to continue to give to others at the highest level, you must first give to yourself and learn how to receive. Fill up your own cup first that you may give to others from the overflow.

You must be willing to do whatever it takes to care for yourself and to move beyond your own blocks and limitations, either by self-healing or in a therapeutic environment. Self-care must cover physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. As a healer or lightworker you are probably already good at addressing your spiritual needs and clearing the higher chakras, but how much physical exercise do you get and how nutritious is your diet? I think you get what I mean….

Balance and attention to self-care in all areas of your life is necessary to be performing healing and lightwork at the highest levels.

4. Develop high self-esteem
The archetype of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is well-known and may be applicable to you. Often the best healers are those who have developed deep levels of compassion for others through their own personal life traumas.

If you struggle financially, have vague feelings of ‘not being good enough’, of having to ‘prove’ yourself as worthy or you hold back from speaking your truth, then chances are your self-esteem could do with a major boost. 85% of people suffer from low self-esteem in one or more areas of life.

5. Forgiveness
This is a tough one for many people - including healers - who feel that ‘stewing’ in unforgiveness and anger towards those you perceived as having wronged you, somehow is getting revenge on them! The only person who is really getting hurt is you, maybe leading you to physical dis-ease. Often the offender has forgotten about the incident or never realized there was a problem in the first place.

Let it go! The gift of forgiveness is for yourself, not for the person who wronged you. Are you willing to hold your vibration low and risk serious diseases such as cancer just to be ‘right’? Forgive yourself, too, for having allowed yourself to be caught up in the drama for so long.

Perhaps more so than in any other occupation, as healers and lightworkers you need to constantly be working to clear your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks and limiting beliefs. Focusing on the 5 keys above is imperative for you to reach your highest vibration and potential to do your healing and lightwork. You owe it to your self. You owe it to the planet. As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see.” Shine your light brighter to raise the consciousness of humanity and for planetary healing.

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Mayur is the ‘Healer for Healers’ and the visionary founder of the Heal the Healer global community. She helps healers and lightworkers reach more of their healing potential to raise the consciousness of humanity. To receive your FREE healing meditation audio and become a FREE Member of the Heal the Healer community of healers and lightworkers, visit www.heal-the-healer.com. Copyright 2011 Michelle Mayur