Denying feelings can create stagnation emotionally and lead to states of depression.

Use this handy checklist to assess if you are processing experiences in a way to avoid stagnation and depression.

Checklist for Healthy Processing

Are you acknowledging both the positive and negative aspects of a challenge?

Tip: Listen for the language of denial and depression that may include phrases such as “all is okay” or “everything is fine” when you’re not feeling okay or fine.

Also, listen for language that focuses only on the negative such as “Everything is all wrong.”

Ask yourself, what are all the feelings I am experiencing about this situation, person, or life change?

Develop a variety of tools to process your feelings such as:

**Journaling feelings.

**Using collage art to represent the feelings. This method requires no art talent, just a willingness to express.

**Exercise such as qi gong which has movements that address releasing certain emotions such as depression, sadness, grief, or anger.

**Visualize and meditate feelings: Imagine the anxiety or depression you are feeling as a leaf floating down a stream or river and drifting far out of sight.

A study released in the May 2008 edition of the Journal of Clinical Psychology reported that people who suffered with depression and participated in meditation and yoga classes experienced similar results as those who participated in group therapy.

Allow yourself down time to process. Sometimes people fill their days with hectic activity to avoid processing feelings or facing depression. Scheduling down time is a way of nourishing your body, mind and spirit to release anxiety or depression.

Allow your friends and family to support you. Often times, loved ones have no idea that you are going through difficulties if you put on a happy face.

Yes, be positive but also be willing to acknowledge that you are hurting or finding a situation challenging.

Allow yourself to seek professional help with a psychotherapist, counselor or life coach to gain new tools to deal with the challenges in your life.

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