The pace of life in the city is extremely tense. Stress, poor environment, and busy schedule are some of the common problems. How to restore power without leaving the city or the sea? Where to regain vigor and good humor? Branch network of medical cosmetology clinics It will save you from insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome and refresh a tired body.

What does the mysterious word of three letters - SPA ? Historically, Spa - the name of the Belgian town where during the Roman Empire began to work the first water resort. Today spa in India - an abbreviation of Sanus Pro Agua , which means health through water. Water is one of the main weapons in the fight to improve health. Health through water can be obtained with a host of useful showers, baths and other water therapies. Spa treatments include not only water treatment, as is commonly believed -that hydrotherapy is combined with proper nutrition, physical activity, with massages, as well as the procedures of relaxation. Spa in India offers a unique opportunity to relax and complete care of body and soul. Offered at the spa complexes alternate procedures are designed for people who have only a few days to restore the beauty, strength and energy. In today's world, spa gets advance where it uses high technologies and creative methodologies while making the needs of healthy body.

Here are some of the health benefits that one can avail with the use of spa treatment and ayurveda massage including Correction figures and losing weight, youth and beauty - forever, stress, relaxation, juice therapy blitz, day of beauty, glowing skin - a program of chemical peels, spa Week, spa weekend and many more. Besides these, kerala ayurveda is another concept of making body out of fatigue and ache. Under these, stones massage, oil massage, hands massage, foot massage and body to body massage are usually offered to the patience in order to make their cells active and healthy.

The purpose of this massage - relieve stress by acting on the muscles of the body relaxes them. As you know, when the muscles are relaxed, then the brain can relax. Relaxing massage leads to a complete relaxation of the body muscles and brain cells, and thus the total calm. This is a wonderful relaxing treatment that will best prepare you for the hard working day. Relaxation massage will give you develop all kinds of diseases that arise after nerve stress.

Massage is one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent various diseases. It promotes healing of the whole body, improves blood circulation, tones and smoothes the skin. Effects of massage on the body are a complex physiological process, due to nervous, humeral and mechanical action, with the main role belongs to the nerve factor. When the massage is primarily done on the effects of nerve termination, are in different layers of the skin and the muscles, tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, blood vessels and internal organs. Pulses are fed to the cortex, where signal that causes a reaction of the body. Body massage has a mechanical effect on the tissue, which affects the movement of body fluids like blood, lymph, etc. This is decongesting, improve skin respiration, increased metabolism.

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