Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as it is known, is something that is has become a common term for most people, we hear about people's stomach and bowel issues and given the busy lives that we lead and the irregular lifestyle that we are a part of we can't but help hear about it. Some people have suffered IBS since they were children, some develop the symptoms as teenagers and some after holidays overseas. Sometimes improper food consumption, less exercise, bad habits such as smoking or drinking can lead to irregular bowels habits, making people feel it has become a permanent problem that cannot be healed. Symptoms such as heartburns, bloating, gas, constipation and fatigue lead to and are all part of IBS. While people spend money on medical visits, synthetic medicines do not solve the problem from its source, they often cover the symptoms and give a sense of immediate relief but no long term wellness. Doing some simple Internet research on the medications available on prescription shows the limited resources available to modern medicine, and that's the major complaint of clients who visit natural therapists, they think they've tried everything, however complementary medicine has many more tools in its armoury to heal your gut, not just the symptoms of IBS, but also the underlying issues.

Here is a compilation of suggestions and healing methods from a professional naturopath in Adelaide that is known to help you get rid of the fear of IBS and not live with it all your life.

Prepare your meals at home

Well, this is something that all naturopaths have in common where they suggest their patients consume home cooked food as much as possible. Even if it is a light snack that you crave for, you could try your hand at healthy recipes and naturopaths have some really simple and easy suggestions you can follow. The reason behind such a suggestion is that we make use of quality ingredients to prepare a meal at home, you also don't add chemicals to make the food last and generally you don't intentionally add unhealthy fat and sugar which can causes irritation for the IBS sufferer.

Trying adding probiotic supplements

Plain natural yoghurt, Miso, and other fermented foods are known to be great probiotic and prebiotic supplements as they contain good bacteria that help strengthens the immune system as they help to bring the digestive system on track. Initially however many IBS sufferers can not tolerate fermented foods but they try as they knowthey can bring about a good change to how the body reacts to food they eat. If you cannot tolerate fermented foods at all, then a trip to your local naturopath is needed to 'sort out' your gut bugs and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Keep a watch on what you consume

For those dealing with IBS it is important to chart the foods you eat and also your issues, then hopefully you can pinpoint problem foods, drinks and behaviours this may help you to get rid of the troubles that you have to endure on a daily basis. Therefore, balancing the nutritional intake is something that most specialists suggest. One suggestion would be that you could avoid consuming light carbohydrates such as white bread, sugar, pasta, dry fruits, etc. These are known to contain high-glycemic carbohydrates that ferment when it goes into the digestive tract which can cause pain and dysfunction to the digestive system and so it does not function as normally as it should.

Take a lot of rest

Rest here doesn’t mean snuggling up on the couch in front of the television. It means simply disconnecting yourself from the rest of the world to relax and refresh. Naturopaths at IBS Clinic in Adelaide agree that it could be trying yoga, meditating whilst controlling your breathing, we can teach you the breathing exercises that will support this process. This is a practice that can be made a part of your daily routine which not just allows the body to relax but also helps you get rid of stress. Getting rid of smoking and alcohol consumption too can bring about relief to your body where your immune system doesn’t have to deal with all its heart and soul to protect your body from damage.

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The author Ron Spencer has had experiences with approaching a professional naturopath in Adelaide along with possessing relevant information of the IBS clinic in Adelaide.