Have you ever had a man tell you he likes you, enjoys dating you, but isn’t ready for a relationship right now? I get letters from women all the time who are upset when the man they’re dating delivers this message. Usually, the woman paints him as a villain, when he’s actually just being honest.

A man can be a good guy without wanting the long term relationship. The big question I always ask is, “Are you intending to make babies?” If not, why not just enjoy this man and see where it goes.

Women tend to be hung up on a relationship needing to ‘move to the next level.’ But what if just being together and enjoying each other IS the next level? If you want to get married, can you give a clear answer to why? So often, we want things simply because we’ve taught to want them, not because it’s what our heart desires.
Get very clear about what you REALLY want, and why. Then, if you honestly need to know his long term intentions ‘right now,’ then this is not the man for you. If you’re willing to allow things to unfold in their own way, in their own time, you could be surprised at how much you enjoy the journey.

And remember, even when we have that commitment and the promises, there are no guarantees that they’re going to last. Even with marriage and children, there are no guarantees.

What I notice is women are not able to enjoy that unfolding, because they’re so focused on what is ’supposed to be,’ and worried about ‘where is this going.’
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