A man is attracted right away, or he's not. They are way more visual that we want to admit. Women often tell me they think a man will 'become' attracted after he gets to know them. It doesn't work that way. That's how women often fall in love. We might be attracted initially, but then he does something or starts to open up, show some vulnerability, and, wham!, we fall in love.

These same women are often enjoying a 'friendship' with the man and expect things to 'grow' into a romantic relationship.

Men need to have a certain level of physical attraction (that includes excitement) for them to want to develop a relationship. He may be comfortable with you, enjoys being with you, enjoys talking with you, but men don't want comfortable, at least not until they're in their sixties and up.

When he's made it clear that he doesn't have romantic feelings for you, believe him! If he doesn't want to get physical, that's one of the biggest signs that he isn't interested in anything more than friendship.

The most important advice I want to offer here is DO NOT put your life on hold, hoping his feelings will change. If you want romance, you need to meet a man who is attracted to you right away. So get yourself out there, meet lots of men, and eventually, the right one will spot you and want to get to know you a whole lot better.

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