Our sense act simply on orders our desires positive or negative in thoughts. Each our actions are directed by desires in our senses. Our actions are simply the words of our desires habitual in thoughts positive or negative in spirit. But we try rarely intending to become aware of desires positive or negative in thoughts.

Our thoughts become the value normal of impression subliminal in consciousness pure and seeds of karma, not bound at time. When ripens we experience our desires into thoughts time. This is called law karma (action). Individual selfishness is like a field to sow desires positive or negative in thoughts in him.
God accept lovingly our impression subliminal of our desire in thoughts positive or negative. We receive fruits based on our own desires negative or positive in thoughts. Accordingly, we blame or Thank God for it.  

According this law of consequences, your life depends entirely seed desires positive and negative in his thoughts. Each of us, must assume responsibility desires positive and negative in thoughts in his life personal and results. This called scriptural and the proverbial "As you desires in thoughts, so you becomes."  

We reap what we sow seed desires positive and negative in our thoughts. Karma holds all responsible for what she is or will.. If life of any person is in distress mental because he sowed desires selfishness or ignorance in his thoughts. If live a life peace and happiness eternal because he planted seeds of desire for live spiritual in his thoughts.

Obviously our desires positive or negative in thoughts have great power on our lives. Example, joy eternal follows thoughts pure that have taste spiritual. Our ego can not appreciate but reality is unshakable.
Since our lives are shaped by our mind, this is desired in thoughts we become.. Thus, thoughts processed in our heads finally are manifested in our face, our language, our body and our attitude overall.
Simply, what we grow incessantly our mind determines formation our character and destiny. For this reason if someone wants change nature control spirit he can do by change constantly desires in spirit. Thus goes the proverb "Man is the architect of its destiny."

I am not suggesting changing your actions, but desires in thoughts. . Living any lifestyles consciously counterbalances its effects.  Continue to measures your negative desires in thoughts, until your thoughts positive become impulsive one.

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