He Just Left Me Without Saying Anything: He Left Me Without Saying A Word

My boyfriend left me for no reason and I am confused. We didn't have any disagreement and all he said was "I am sorry, we need to break up." I still love him and I can't stop crying each time I think of the good times together. Are you in a similar situation where your boyfriend say "good bye" to you for no reason? How are you going to get him back?

When you start to think, "why my boyfriend left me?" You are likely in a very desperate situation wondering what went wrong with the relationship. You probably will keep asking and try to look for assurance from him so that he will come to his senses and realize that you are the only one that is suitable for him. Now the most important thing that you should do is to make sure you are not showing neediness in whatever ways. Being clingy is never the right method to get a boyfriend back.

If you are determined to get your boyfriend back, pull yourself together again and start working on winning his heart back. Control your emotions and avoid doing things that will push him further away. Do not stop him from seeing someone else if he has to. Act confidently and be completely in control of yourself. Once you focus on getting better than before and slowly pull away from him, he will realize the distance and start to wonder why you are no longer interested in him. This approach will also make him think through if he really wants to stay away from you.

Learn to exude your utmost confidence not only in front of him, but everybody. This is likely to get the attention from other people as well. Other guys will also start to go after you and when he sees the competition, he will start to worry about you falling in love with another man. This is the time where he will show he wants you back.

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Not too many people see it this way, but if you can make your ex miss you again, that's the perfect recipe to get your dying relationship with your ex up and running again. However, your current strategy to persuade your ex back into your life is not going to make you ex long for you, to the contrary, it will only push him/her further away from you.

So, to get ex back you have to learn to live without him/her for a while which means that you're not allowed even to call or email your ex. Yes, this course of action is one full of hardships but then again, who said getting your ex back would be a walk in the park?

To tell the truth, immediately after the break up your ex will not even bear looking at your face, much less miss you, but you can turnaround this situation by not contacting your ex. This strategy will address problems from many dimensions. To start with, your ex will get a clear cut message that you respect his/her decision to break up with you.

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And then your ex needs some time in solitude so that he/she can sort out issues that arose between the two of you. By staying clear of your ex, your ex will get the much needed time and space to get over the initial anger and frustration to think in a rational manner once again.

And finally, the 'no contact' rule is going to make your ex yearn for you once again after the dreaded break up. With you maintaining a distance by indulging in your own life, your ex will soon find out that he/she is actually missing your company.

When your ex will not be able to see or hear from you for several weeks consecutively, it is only logical that your ex will start missing you. And who better than you knows how bad one feels when he/she misses an ex partner. Your ex will get down to the business of making a comeback in your life and from there on you know what to do to get your love back.

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Right after you and your ex broke up, you were so angry that you did not want to see your ex or talk to him/her. However, as the days go by, you realize that you are still in love and want to get your ex back. You try a few times to make contact with him/her, only to be given the cold shoulder. This is very upsetting to you, and you become desperate. Your emotions start to take over, and without realizing it, you are thinking of ways to fix your situation that will only ruin any chance you have to get back together again.

First of all, you have to stop trying to make contact with your ex. Remember, he/she is feeling precisely the same way you are, and really doesn't want to see you right now, let alone talk to you. Respect this and allow your ex time to heal first. Constantly trying to get in touch with your ex will only aggravate your situation and lower your chances to get your ex back.

You might become so desperate that you toy with the idea of making your ex jealous in an attempt to get your ex back into your life again. Understand that, at the moment this looks like a good option for you and will actually have you believing that your ex will come running back to you if you are with someone else. This is a definite no-no, and will NOT have the effect you are looking for. In fact, all it will do is push your ex further away from you because he/she will think that you are more attracted to the other person. So this is definitely not a good option to try to get your ex back.

Another mistake is to talk badly about your ex to your friends. Resist the urge to moan and complain to them about what your ex said and did to you. Nothing positive at all can come of this, so forget about it altogether. Don't let desperation force you to make stupid mistakes - there will come a time when you and your ex will be more comfortable about talking to each other. This is when you can have a relaxed discussion about your problems, hopefully fix them, and possibly get your ex back.

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If your man just broke up with you, the missing him is agonizing. You just want to talk to him, hear his voice. You will settle for a friendly talk just to ease your pain. First off contact with an ex is detrimental to ever getting back together, but that is another topic. If you talk to him, be his friend, you are actually easing his transition and making yours harder. If you want him back, you must not be his friend now let me explain why.

I know a woman who insisted that if she remained friends with her ex, he would eventually see the error of his ways. He would realize how great she really was and come back to her. So they remained friends, for about 2 months that is. He felt comfortable that she was ok, and he moved forward with his life. Two months into this friendship, guess what? He is dating someone new and it seems pretty serious. Being his friend backfired, she didn't get her man back.

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All this woman did was ease his transition and help him move forward easily. He never had the opportunity to miss her. He ended the romance, but she remained his friend, thus he never felt the loss. To get a man back, he has to feel the pain and the loss. This doesn't usually happen right away with men. It takes a while, they process a break up differently.

So since he never felt the pain or loss, he never missed her because she was right there, his loyal friend. Wow, the best of both worlds. He can keep the old girlfriend as a friend and seek a new exciting romance with another. This happens almost every time you remain friends with an ex.

Look at it like this. He dumped you. He made his bed. Now there you are making it all comfortable for him. It's like giving him an extra pillow, extra blankets, making him warm and cozy in this new bed of freedom he made. Why on earth would he leave it and come back to you. He won't. This is no way to get your man back.

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