A number of years ago, I got together with a friend and he spoke about a video that he wanted to make on domestic violence. This was one of many that he was looking to put together.

I think that the video he made after this was on knife crime, with the next one being about the masks that we wear. This was someone who had a good understanding of this area, so it wasn’t as though he desperately needed my input for this video.

The Focus

The video on domestic violence was all about shedding light on what can take place when someone is in abusive relationship. This video would then allow people to become aware of what they need to look out for.

The video on knife crime was primarily for people who were thinking of using a knife, and the kind of consequences that could arise if they were to do so. I thought that this was a great idea.

The Same Level

The alternative would have been for him to say that it is wrong to use a knife, and to present himself as some kind of authority figure. The downside to this, of course, is that it would have caused some people to get defensive.

It would then have been normal for them to close down and to disregard everything that was in the video. Yet, by simply presenting what could happen if they were to use a knife, someone can see for themselves.

Another Tool

There have been other times when we have got together and he has asked me why I wanted to do something. And when I had done something, he asked me what I was looking to receive.

When this has taken place, it has been away for him to see if I was aware of what my true motives were. During this time, I came to see that while I thought I knew why I wanted to do something, this wasn’t always the case.

A Gentle Approach

At first, I wasn’t sure how to handle these kinds of questions and I felt uncomfortable. This wasn’t because of how he asked these questions, as it wasn’t as though he was trying to pull me down.

It was simply due to the fact that I hadn’t really been asked these kinds of questions before. Ultimately, the type of questions that he asked me, were no different to the type of questions that he asked himself.

Another Way

If he has wanted to explain how something works, and this could relate to how we manifest things into our life, he has often used an experience from his own life. Through listening to what he went through, it then allowed me to get a better understating.

However, if he had spoken about something without giving me an example from his own life, it would have been a lot harder for me to connect to what he was saying. Fortunately, Wain, the person who I have been talking about, is now offering his services to the world.


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