He Dumped Me but Gets Jealous: My Friend Is Visiting Me and My Ex Is Jealous

So your boyfriend dumped you and now you want him back. The good news is that almost all break ups can be reversed and with a little bit of help you will be back with your ex in no time. Here are some of the things that you should do if you want to get your ex back after he dumped you. The idea is to make him "want" you back.

Control your desperation
Your immediate reaction after a break up is to call him a thousand times and tell him how much you love him and make him count all the reasons why he shouldn't be dumping you. This is not going to work. Get some distance in place and give him a chance to cool off.

Focus and find the cause
Use this time instead to focus on the cause that lead to your break up. Rationalize and figure things out for yourself so that you can make necessary amends.

Get your emotions under control
Now the next thing that you will need to do is gather some emotional control. It makes no sense to men when women go on crying and begging and pleading so that they take them back. Men also get extremely uncomfortable with an emotionally out of control woman. So wise up.

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Get on with your life
Meanwhile you also need to make your ex feel like he is not the only one or the only thing in your life. So go on and begin to hang out with your friends and generally have a good time. But make sure that you never try to make him feel jealous. That might cause you to lose him for good.

Call him once you are fine
Now that you have your life under control it is time to call him. Make the call sound very casual. It would help if you call for some reason like his birthday or to congratulate him on a new job etc.

Offer to meet without an agenda
Now that you have got talking offer to meet him but make sure you tell him that you just want to be friends. That will make him feel a lot comfortable with meeting you. You have to make him see that you value his friendship and if that's all that you will get you are fine with it.

Apologize and be genuine
When you meet him make sure that you apologize to him and take ownership of your actions. Show him how much you have changed and thank him for turning your life around. When he sees the new you he will soon relent and you will be back with your ex.

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Texting an ex boyfriend back isn't easy - that's for sure. As a matter of fact, if you actually want to succeed in this endeavor, it would be absolutely vital for you to follow certain steps to a tee first. If you don't follow them or if you mess up while doing one of them, you could actually ruin your chances of texting an ex boyfriend back altogether. So, are you ready to try your luck at texting an ex boyfriend back now? Then read on.

The first thing that you have to do in order to win your ex boyfriend back through text would be to think about your timing. If you send your ex boyfriend a text without thinking about timing first, then you could be in big trouble - most of all if you guys broke up because of something that you did in the first place. If this is the case, then you will have to think long and hard about whether enough time has already gone by since the breakup that you can be comfortable enough to text him already. If you did something very bad, then make sure you apologize, as well. The important thing would be to ensure that there isn't any anger being harbored against you anymore by the end of the day.

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The next thing that you have to do in order to win your ex boyfriend back through text would be to show him our best personality traits. Show him that you have changed for the better since your breakup. Show him that you are mature now. Show him that you are strong. To do this through text, casually mention that you understand why he broke up with you and that you are fine now. Once he sees that you are capable of being independent without him, he will start thinking about the breakup and wonder whether he made the right decision or not. While he is doing that, try spending some time doing productive things, like going to the gym, losing weight and volunteering to help people in need. This will ensure that you stay busy and stop thinking about your ex too much for now.

If you do both of the aforementioned things properly, then texting an ex boyfriend back should be much easier from now on. Just make sure you follow the steps to a tee or you could ruin your chances of winning your ex back altogether.

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If you really want to get your ex back, then there are some key things which you need to do right now, otherwise you risk losing your ex forever! Here are 7 important things to do when trying to pull your ex back:

1). Give space- Your ex takes you for granted, and as the saying goes "people want what they cannot have", likewise your ex will want you, when he/she feels they can no longer have you so easily!

2). Change- don't make the mistake of trying to pull your ex back, without having actually changed. If you need ideas of where to change, simply look back on the behaviors and bad habits you had, which annoyed your ex and work on improving yourself.

3). Don't wait around- it would really be a huge mistake to wait around, since your ex is expecting it. Therefore, go out and do things that you have been putting off!

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4). Date again- a very important tip, because unless you do this, your ex will not really see what he/she is missing. Dating again will make your ex jealous, and will cause him/her to desperately want you back.

5). Thank your ex for the breakup- this is another key, which will get you brownie points with your ex, because it makes your ex think you are moving on fast. This will create fear in his/her mind that they are going to lose you forever.

6). Forgive yourself and your ex- a lot of people actually end up getting back together, but split up once again, simply because neither partner was able to forgive each other. So ensure that you are able to make it past this step first.

7). Send your ex this SMS after some time: "Just wanted to thank you for the break up, you were right. I think space is a good thing, because a lot of great things have happened recently. You know what?" ===> This will make your ex curious and he/she will not be able to resist calling you back

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This is probably not what you want to hear right now. You are so cut up about the break up and the fact that you are alone again, that the idea of staying away from your ex is totally insane. However, if you want to win your ex back anytime in the future, it IS very necessary to have time apart for this to happen.

So why is it so important to stay away from each other? Well, when you had that argument that caused the break up things got really ugly didn't they? You were both screaming at each other and saying really awful things to each other as well.

These things have made you and your ex really angry at each other. Because you're both feeling this way, it is really not a good idea to try to talk to each other right now. Your emotions are running wild, and as soon as you get together there will be another explosion. This is not the time to try to win your ex back.

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These feelings cannot simply be switched on and off at will. The only thing that will help now is if you give each other enough time to first get over these really bad feelings you have inside you. This is when you have to stay away from each other. There is no point in taking time to think things over if you have any contact - this will break your line of concentration and the whole process will take a lot longer.

Time apart also allows you to have a good look at yourself as well. Think of your role in the relationship - were you the perfect partner, or did you make some mistakes? During this time fix any mistakes you might have made during your relationship and do all you can to improve yourself inside and out, as well. All these things can help you to win your ex back.

When you have had time to cool of and your emotions are back to normal again, then the time is perfect to try to win your ex back. Your ex will also have simmered down by this time and could very well be missing you somewhat. Now you can give your ex a call and talk things over to try to win your ex back.

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