He Broke Up With Me but Still Texts Me Everyday: Ex Keeps Contacting Me after Dumping Me

People are weird. They have all these conflicting emotions in their hearts and they never seem to realize what their true feelings look like.

It happens all the time. Despite the fact that your ex had dumped you but he still texts, calls, e-mails and makes contacts. Seems like a weird thing to do but if you have a deep thought into it you can realize what is behind it especially if it comes from a boy.

He dumped me but still texts. You have two possibilities here. Either you do not want to get back to him or you want to get back to him and you miss him a lot but you do not want to look desperate and needy. What to do in these two cases?

At first, if you don't want him back but he still texts then ignoring is the safest approach. You can tell him clearly that you are not interested in getting back to him and wish him good luck in his future life.

If the chances are you still want him and you are interested in getting him back again then you need more than a simple plan or a direct approach. You do not want to look desperate to get back to him so you should not answer every single text he sends. Ignore the majority of them but if you see that his interest is going to fade away send him one mysterious message that contains mixed signals. If he still has feelings towards you then he will spend the night wondering what you really mean with you text.

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Men are thinking straight forward almost all the time. That means if he still texts then he is still attached to you in a way or another. If he is not connected to you emotionally he will not keep those texts coming to your cell phone every day and night.

Keep the balance. Do not cut all communications with him and do not show that craving for his messages. Give him the indication that you are ready to move on. You are having activities all day long but give him an ambiguous feeling that you are still interested in him.

Men usually love clarity in their relationships. So if he sees that you give him indecisive answers and equivocal statements. He will try to get you back as fast as he can if he is really interested in getting back to you.

Men usually act fast and they are straight in their thinking. If you seem uninterested to him then he thinks you are going to have another boyfriend immediately. Depend on curiosity and mysteriousness to keep him attached to you and you will get him back in no time.

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There are tons of text messages that you can send to your ex boyfriend after the two of you have broken up. As a matter of fact, texting him could be a great way of getting him back in your arms. However, the type of messages you send your ex boyfriend will depend on the situation you're in. Every text message has its own individual purpose, so their use will depend on when they are needed and what they are going to be used for.

One of the tried and tested ways to get your ex boyfriend back is to allow yourself to be a little bit emotional while texting him. This means opening up to him through text and expressing your feelings, so that he knows how you feel. Text messages like these should not be taken lightly, though. If you mess up even just a little bit, you could turn things awry at the end. Also, if not done properly, you might make your ex boyfriend feel guilty about something and this could ruin your chances of ever getting him back in the end.

On the same note, these emotional text messages should be sent at least after a month since your breakup. Emotional text messages convey a deeper level of communication and sending these types of messages just a few days after the breakup could lead to trouble because your ex boyfriend may not be able to handle them properly. With that said, it is important that you have established a certain level of casual friendship with your ex boyfriend before pouring out your feelings through text.

If you need any ideas on what type of messages to send to get your ex boyfriend back, here's an example:

"This may seem strange, but I can't help but smile whenever I think of you. Yes, it's random and maybe weird, but thinking about us still puts a smile on my face. You always made me feel safe and I'd like to thank you for being a big part of my life and for making me happy."

Texting your ex boyfriend a message like this would definitely increase your chances of getting him back in your arms. And the good thing about messages like these is they don't make you come off as clingy or needy. You don't sound like you're desperate and begging him to take you back, so you'll definitely have a good chance of succeeding while trying to get your ex boyfriend back.

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It probably won't be easy for the two of you to get back together after a breakup, but armed with these 5 simple tips your chances of a reconciliation will dramatically increase. How to get him back? Why not read the manual that you were given when you got him in the first place. What?! You didn't get a user manual? No one gets an instruction book for handling emotions, arguments, communication and all the basic requirements for a successful relationship. No one ever tells us how to handle a breakup or in particular how to get him back after he's gone. If you want to know how to get him back, then follow these 5 simple tips to increase your chances immensely.

1 - Come to terms with the breakup. Replace negative thinking with a positive attitude. Replace feeling sorry for yourself with feeling the necessary strength to carry on. Get rid of your negative emotions, and determine yourself to climb out of your depression. Clear you mind and get control of your emotions. Prepare yourself to strive for what you want. Negativity will only hold you back.

2 - Accept that the breakup has happened. You can't undo the breakup. You can't un-break a broken vase, but it may be possible to mend it. You have got to stop dwelling on the past and concentrate on the here and now. Accepting the breakup, and the problems with your relationship, will help you to set the foundations for getting him back. Don't look at your relationship with rose-colored glasses. Accept that there were problems and that is why the breakup happened. Your relationship didn't break overnight, and so it probably won't be mended in one day.

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3 - Don't act in a desperate, needy way. Don't text, phone, email or stalk him. This behavior will only have the effect of chasing him away. You may be desperate to hear his voice, or see his face, but if you really want to make him come back then you must avoid making any contact with him. It is essential that you give him the time and space to realize his big mistake. In order to make him come back, you have to make him WANT to come back. He has to find out for himself how much he misses you. Don't make it harder for yourself by chasing him further away.

4 - Make sure you look your best. New clothes, make-up, and hairstyle will all help to make you feel great. Looking, feeling and acting confident can be very attractive. Looking depressed and gloomy is not going to pull him back. Look your best on the outside, and feel good on the inside. Think happy and confident thoughts. Become an all round attractive person. This will make him want to come back to you.

5 - Don't rush things. When he's ready, he'll get back in touch with you. He's going to be pleasantly surprised and attracted to the new, confident person that you have become. He's going to be so miserable for leaving you. This is where you play a little hard to get. Keep him at arm's length. Seeing you happy and confident but unattainable will make him the desperate one. He will be the one doing the chasing, which is how it should be! Take it slowly if you want to get him back in any meaningful way.

You will probably have realized that none of this is going to be easy. You must resist the temptation to chase after him. Use these 5 tips and you will know how to get him back.

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Don a new look
The first thing that you'll have to do is make your ex sit up and take notice. Head to the salon and get an extreme makeover. A quick stop at the dermatologists can help you get instant freedom from dull skin and open you up to a world of fancy treatments that make you look new.

Ignore him completely
The next thing that you need to do is to ignore your ex completely. He will feel that you have got this new look to impress him. But when you walk past him and don't even give him a second look he begins to want you again.

Paint the town red
Instead of sitting at home, sulking and filling your mouth (and expanding waistline) head out with your gang and paint the town red. Be seen living it up. When your ex sees what a time you are having he will automatically want to get closer to you to get a reaction. Ignore him again and keep the magnetic attraction alive.

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Laugh off the break up
Don't dwell on the break up at any stage. Look like you are actually laughing off the break up and moving on. When your ex sees that you are not giving your relationship with him any thought he will begin to hurt and will realize your true value.

Make an entrance
The next time you know your ex is going to be at a particular hot spot you need to get there. But this time make an entrance. Head there with the choicest piece of arm candy, a guy who will make your ex seem like a small fry. When your ex sees you with a dish he will automatically begin to get back with you again.

Be passive with your ex
Whenever you see your ex don't go overboard and be over friendly. You need to be cool with him at all times. It is your passivity that will make him see how things are going to be now that you are not in his life anymore and will make him ache for your love.

Hand over the ultimatum
When he approaches you to see if things can work out, you need to be clear and tell him that you are not going to wait around for him to make up his mind. So, he needs to be clear and make a decision. Soon you will find him back with you.

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