He Breaks Up With You but Wants To Be Friends: He Wants To Be Friends After Dumping Me

Is your ex constantly keeping in touch with you months after your break up? Did he say that he is inviting you for dinner as friends? Do you feel that your ex boyfriend wants to be friends with you? If your answer is yes to all these questions, you may think that he's up to something yet you don't know what it is. You may get puzzled. You try to be like Sherlock Holmes and try to put the pieces together so you'll get your answer. You ask him what is the meaning of all the things he has been doing yet he only says that he just wants to be pals with you. However, you think his reason isn't enough. So what now?

1. Your ex wants to keep his options open.

He has been into the dating scene too long yet he hasn't found a person who could replace you. He is thinking of giving up on meeting new people. He suddenly contacts you and tell you that he wishes that everything's OK with you and hopes that you could still be pals. To be honest, he is trying to keep his options open. He wants to make sure that he still has you when all else fail. Be cautious and guard your heart because he may end up hurting you again.

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2. He wants to be updated.

He constantly wants to know if you are already dating some other guy. He wants to be aware that a guy has been constantly asking you out. He wants to distinguish whether you have a boyfriend or not. In short, he is a little jealous of the fact that you have moved on and couldn't care less about him. It's completely unfair because he being selfish. It's like he wants to control your life. Watch out. He may be doing things behind your back. He may scaring your new guy with some of his tactics.

3. He doesn't want any trouble.

He does that because he wants to make life peaceful. He doesn't want any trouble. Come to think of it, both of you may still be interacting with the same people. You work in the same office. You spend or hang out in a common place. He sees that being buddies is the best option to stir away from any hurtful feeling. Also, he doesn't want that your circle of friends would choose sides. He wants everything to be neutral or say, back to the way everything used to be before both of you hooked up.

4. He stills wants you.

He called you up yet you weren't home. He left a message saying that he wants to invite you for coffee or dinner. It's his way of wanting to get back with you. Of course, things may not have turned out great when both of you broke up. The only possible way for him to get his way back to you is to be your pal. You will also notice that he will be there to help you out when you need to get things out of your apartment. He will even volunteer to accompany you in doing your laundry.

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Your most recent breakup must have left you dealing with a multitude of emotions, accompanied by the memories you once shared with your ex boyfriend. You miss cuddling up to him when you're in bed or just the mere smell of him when he's close to you. Yes, things are hard for you right now and a big part of you wants to text him to tell him to take you back. But you have to ask yourself: is getting your ex back on your mind because your heart tells you so or simply because you are scared to face the uncertainty of a future without him?

If you want to be with him again because it's what your heart tells you, then getting your ex boyfriend back through text would be worth a try. But, before anything, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

1. Patience is a must.

If you want your ex boyfriend back, you have to remind yourself that sending him text messages anytime you feel like it shouldn't be done. Getting your ex boyfriend back will take a lot of patience. It will take time to mend a broken heart, after all, so take baby steps when dealing with your ex boyfriend.

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2. Plan things out.

A key thing to remember when wanting to win an ex boyfriend back is that you need to have a plan. The first month after the breakup will send you tumbling around in a rollercoaster of emotions and you might be tempted to text your ex boyfriend without even thinking about what your messages could do. Your instincts won't benefit you in this situation, so you have to make sure that you plan out what you intend to send to your ex. Think before you type.

3. Say no to desperate text messages.

Your ex boyfriend will not be interested in taking you back if you reek of desperation. So, to fight the urge to send your ex desperate text messages, focus your energies on other things. Spend more time with your family and close friends. The more occupied you are, the lesser the chance you'll be texting him. He needs to feel that you are fine without him. The strength and independence you radiate will make you desirable in his eyes again and getting your ex boyfriend back will be much easier after that.

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You're searching for advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back because you're miserable without him, right? You never imagined you two would break up. How could you have known things would end up like this? After all, you've never met anyone like him and you have absolutely no doubt in your heart or mind that he's the only guy for you. So, now what? What do you need to do to not only get him to come back to you, but want to stay with you always? The advice you're about to read may surprise you. It has little do to with the man you've lost and everything to do with you. From this point forward, you're going to be selfish and self centered. As crazy as it sounds, it will actually help you immensely in your quest to win him back.

A fair amount of the advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back that you'll come across will tell you to write him love poems or send him long apology letters. It's advice that you may have already tried with limited success. Men don't deal with break ups the same way we do. They tend to retreat into themselves and they don't want to talk about anything to do with the relationship or the way it ended. Trying to get a man to talk about getting back together soon after the break up is a mistake. He'll shut down and become defensive and your job will get that much harder.

You've really got to act more like a man after your break up if you want to get him back. You have to take a step back too, just as he is doing and focus all of your time and energy on yourself. It's hard to be this selfish when your thoughts and all of your energy is so focused on him, but it really will benefit you in several ways.

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You need to regroup emotionally and find your inner strength. Men are almost always very uncomfortable when confronted with an emotional ex girlfriend. They actually expect this to happen and they toughen up inside and almost tune you out. He doesn't want to hear you going on and on about how much you still love him. He's not telling you those things, is he? So you need to stop doing it too.

Take a few weeks to totally spoil yourself in every way you can. Get back in touch with old friends and family. Reconsider where your career is heading and if there's anything you can be doing to improve on that. Join a gym with some friends and work out some of the tension you feel. Go out to nice restaurants and treat yourself to something decadent. Throughout all of this your ex is going to start wondering what's become of you. He will ask around and once he hears that you're not only moving on with your life, but with purpose and pleasure, he'll be surprised.

The best revenge on an ex is also the way to get him back. That's to live well and happily without him. A man's ego can't stand the idea that a woman can get over him so fast. Show him you have and also show him that you're a better woman now than you were then and he'll crave to be with you again.

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Would you believe me if I told you it was possible, and simple, to make your ex desperate to come back to you? Chances are, you would disregard my advice without a second thought, but truly, you can send your ex reeling and desperate to get a second chance at a relationship with you. Both you and your ex feel exactly the same way at the moment, you want to see each other again, but the breakup has left you both hurt, and your ex is unwilling to communicate with you in any way.

While they still love you, they are hurt by the breakup and need time to heal. They also need time to see what they are missing and allow those feelings of desire to intensify to a point where they will be willing to do anything to get you back. If you follow my advice, you will make your ex desperate to come back to you.

The most important thing you need to do is to back off from your ex and cut off communication entirely. If you have been trying all the tactics you can think of to try to contact your ex, you are just wasting your time and making yourself look pitiable in the eyes of your ex. This is NOT the way to make your ex desperate to come back to you. So give them space, and then just wait.

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Trust me, as soon as you stop trying to contact your ex all the time, they WILL notice, and will also wonder what happened to prompt the change in your behavior.

The next step you need to take is to take care to look your best at all times. Then, you need to go out and have fun. Have a night on the town with your friends. Go out with your family. Join a community group or organization and show your ex just how much fun you can have without them. You will be having a good time, and your ex will most certainly notice this, and be reeling over the fact that you are not begging for their return. This is exactly how you make your ex desperate to come back to you.

He or she is going to be chomping at the bit to see you. To really make this work and seal the deal, act cool and nonchalant should you run into your ex while you are out on the town. Be polite, but aloof and this will drive them mad! They will be calling you to get you back before you truly do move on and they miss their chance!

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