Many people have tried for mole removal. But beauty and aesthetics are not the only reasons why people have their moles removed. There are instances when the moles are cancerous.

Moles are often found in many people. It becomes particularly embarrassing when the moles appear anywhere on the face. But they need not be worried. Safe and easy removal of these moles from the face and other parts of the body is entirely possible. There are a lot of cases where one's beauty is actually enhanced by moles. If they do, do not remove them. But there are certain scenarios, where you need medical care and advice. After consulting with a physician and finding out that your moles can prove to be a health hazard in the future, you should most definitely take steps to have them removed. It is better if you visit the dermatologist for these cases.

There may be times when you notice the color and shape of your moles changing, or you notice your moles producing some sort of discharge. When you observe these changes, it requires immediate attention. Do not dismiss this lightly. The color change can be from black to brown or even dark grey. Do not immediately start panicking when you witness these changes. This could be indicative of melanoma or a skin cancer. This is a dangerous condition and can be causing life threatening situations. The following signs are considered to be serious symptoms of an impending cancer.

Excessive discharge from moles is a sure sign that you should immediately take necessary steps to have your moles removed. The physician will suggest you remedies that are both safe and painless. Home remedies are not recommended for cancerous moles. These moles also have a tendency to bleed and emit a foul odor. These are a little advanced stages of cancer. But it can still be cured if you seek the help of medical professionals.

Fever is also a prevalent symptom for some. When they contract fever, adults can reach a temperature higher than 100 F while in children, it goes beyond 101 F. There is no obvious correlation between the fever and the appearance of moles, however. It could be the internal infection or a bout with the flu or common colds has seemingly triggered the fever. In rare cases, though, it can be caused by melanoma.

Other noticeable and abnormal changes can be observed in the size, shape, color, or texture of the mole. There are moles that are a little raised from the skin while others are flat. This is considered to be normal. But if the height or overall dimension is increasing at a very fast rate, then it needs special concern. Sometimes, the pain caused by the increase in the number of moles or increase in size can be excruciating. The experts also say this is a good way to figure out if the moles pose cancer risks or not. When such unusual symptoms are observed and you are quite sure, that it is caused due to the cancerous moles, then it needs immediate attention. The situation is a little serious. You will be opening yourself up to metastasis and eventually severe cancer if you just sit back and do nothing.

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