Having Panic Attacks after Breakup: Dealing With Anxiety after a Breakup

The worse part about anxiety attacks is they happen at the most inopportune times. There is no doubt about it, no one ever wants to have an anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks have no redeeming features. They mess up a person's day and seem to take control of the anxiety sufferer's whole life!

In this article, we're going to talk about the basic tenants every person recovering from anxiety attacks uses to lessen the severity of individual attacks and eventually lead to recovery.

Don't Make An Effort to Avoid Oncoming Attacks

When we are suffering anxiety, the periods of time we refer to as anxiety attacks come and go. Always remember this. Someday we'll all get to the point we will no longer suffer anxiety attacks. Until that day comes, anxiety, with all its horror, will find us. As soon as we accept this fact, the recovery process will begin.

It is when we hope each anxiety attack is the last one and try to fight every early sign anxiety could be brewing; we actually stoke the fires of anxiety. Never try to fight off an attack and never try to run away from one. We must be content to live with these frightening episodes for a while. As we do so, we are recovering.

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Don't Hope the Attack Will Be Mild or Short Lived

Once we learn to accept the fact anxiety attacks will occur during our recovery process, the next step is not to hope our intervening bouts will be speedy or hardly noticeable. If we do hope for less severe nervous symptoms we are actually trying to avoid anxiety. Hoping for a short attack is avoiding light. Unfortunately, it has the same negative impact as trying to completely avoid it.

Don't Try To Act Anxiety Away

Sometimes when we are under assault from our nerves, we become great actors. We feel awful inside but try not to let anybody know. This makes things worse because we are fighting not to be seen as anxious.

This fighting puts an extra strain on us and as it does, it puts more of a burden on our adrenaline systems. This, of course, will make us more nervous. We cannot win the battle of nervousness by strain or trying to ignore our condition or trying to do anything. With anxiety, we can only become victorious by completely surrendering.

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Do - Face Your Enemy

So, if fighting, trying to look calm, trying to avoid attacks or wishing they would be mild doesn't get us on the track to recovery. What does? First, if an attack is going to come, we have to have to take the attitude we will just let it. We will relax our bodies as best we can and acknowledge the horrific feelings happening to us and take the attitude we are going to let panic run wild.

When we do this, we no longer are fighting or struggling against anxiety and we are no longer trying to run away or hide from it. Fighting and running away are the two things anxiety thrives on. When we refuse to do either, anxiety has no choice but to roll over and die!

Do - Give It the Rodney Dangerfield Treatment

As we recover, we start to realize there were many times we made anxiety much worse by being apprehensive of the feelings it gave us. This apprehension is a form of respect. When we make no plans how we will try to fight off an attack, we are treating anxiety like Rodney Dangerfield; no respect!

Giving anxiety no respect is what gets it to leave us alone. Once we know how to do this, the anxiety attacks become less and less severe and eventually, they disappear altogether.

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The key ingredient that puts everything together, impatience is the result of being dissatisfied or angry about slow progress, being overwhelmed by this new direction that you are taking can make you feel like you're losing the motivation to keep on the path of change. Move forward and let time pass, make patience a strength of yours no matter how many setbacks occur during your recovery from your anxiety disorder. You may be wanting to become that fearless free person that you once were, it may be because you want to become that social butterfly again or stop the health concerns you have once and for all that lead you to what's commonly known as health anxiety. Whatever the reason continue to remind yourself of the benefits of overcoming your current condition and use it to add fuel to your patience.

We can all use a little more patience, even now after I've found natural recovery from 6 years of debilitating anxiety and panic, I still struggle with patience in many aspects of my life, but I remind myself one of the main needs of a human being which is growth, we don't grow as people without patience. Remind yourself how long you've been suffering from an anxiety disorder for, no one can predict when you will fully desensitize yourself from your fears and become that strong, confident person you once were again.

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"If you are facing in the right direction, all you have to do is keep on walking."

Patience is a skill, and like any skill there is in life patience takes proper repetition. Since this is the final step in the how to stop anxiety posts I want to remind you of how great you can be, whether you believe it or not at this moment doesn't matter because it's in you. Overcoming an anxiety disorder arms you with such incredible tools that you might not realize at the moment, but once these steps are implemented over and over you'll be able to take on anything in your life knowing that you overcame an anxiety disorder that once ruled your life in many aspects. This takes a keen understanding, daily inspiration and constant action but you'll get there once a firm decision is made, how do I know this? Because there was a night in my life at the height of my anxiety disorder where I looked death straight in the face and almost took the plunge, but decided I wanted more out of life. Will you take this day to make the same decision as I did? Or will you continue convincing people of your fears that keep you in a cycle of panic and anxiety, and stay a victim of your behavioral issues? I hope you'll choose option #1 and if you need a dose of daily inspiration the anxious athlete story is right around the corner...

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Did I ever tell you how much I dreaded that morning feeling? The feeling of having to get up feeling tired, groggy, and having to battle through another day with the unlimited symptoms that anxiety brings. I felt like I was always in a never ending tennis match with no changeovers to take a break, just an opponent (who was actually me) that would tirelessly come out swinging relentlessly and giving me all I could handle from the minute I woke up, until the minute I went to sleep. It was an exhausting cycle of fear that takes its toll on millions of people every day.

Weakness is a lack of strength in the muscles and the feeling that extra effort is required to move your body. Fatigue, on the other hand, is a feeling of tiredness or exhaustion or a need to rest immediately due to lack of energy. Both were very present for me and sleep didn't seem to help out much. I desperately needed to change my morning routine. So, what can you do to begin your days on a better path and not get caught up in this vicious mental cycle that consumes you for the rest of the day? Here are a few things you can do to gain the upper hand in the morning:

#1) Don't get caught up in anxious thoughts while lying in bed - As soon as you wake up, get out of bed! Don't think about how bad the last day was, how tired you are, how difficult the day ahead might be. Avoid getting caught up in thoughts that don't support your overall goal of building positive momentum and directing your mind and body to where you actually WANT to go. Take a shower, grab something small and healthy to munch on, and get to the next two steps!

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#2) Create a rule that no matter how bad your symptoms might get, you won't take an anti-anxiety medication until the afternoon. For years one of my best friends would wake up each day and one of the first things he would do was have a cigarette. I asked him why he did that and his answer was that it was the way he dealt with stress in the mornings. We later worked together to change the way he dealt with stress from waking up and having a cigarette, to finding a backboard near his house, grabbing his tennis racquet and playing tennis for 30 minutes each morning. Relying on any kind of anti-anxiety medication when the mornings get tough will leave you feeling disempowered and full of false hope. You will be hopeful that there is a way of changing your current state with quick fixes, miracle techniques and so on. Believe me, this kind of hope is a bad thing so make sure you apply this rule to your mornings starting NOW and create a new routine in the morning.

#3) Get Moving! What if I told you that exercising was just as effective if not more effective then medicating yourself, what would you think? Exercise is the most underutilized anti-anxiety and antidepressant there is and most of us don't get started exercising because we feel like it will be too difficult and cost us too much of our time. We've been away from exercising for so long or have never really begun and we think that it will take MASSIVE amounts effort and time just to get back into the shape we once were. The truth is, everyone has 30 minutes a day to give themselves the gift of exercise. Why not start the day this way each morning since physical activity sends pleasure signals to your brain, and gives your mind and body a feeling of complete well-being? In my 30 day lifestyle challenge article I outline the many different ways that you can make exercising fun, and give you a plan of attack that adds variety. Variety is the key that will keep you motivated and keep you on track.

Don't let excuses get you caught up in WHY you won't be able to implement this new routine to your mornings, everyone who has ever wanted to accomplish anything first started off with voices in their heads telling them multiple reasons as to why they wouldn't be able to do something, but you are a rare breed. You battle anxiety and panic on a DAILY basis, not many people can say they feel like they go through a brush with death every day and come out unscathed each and every time. So as much as the morning tomorrow will be different and a little uncomfortable because of your new routine, you'll get through it and in time you're going to find that love and respect for yourself that might feel like a distant memory right now.

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Just over 2 years ago, I needed to stop anxiety attacks, and I needed to stop them fast. I'd been living with severe panic and anxiety for over 17 years, and I'd hit rock bottom. I could no longer go on living the way I had been.

And so I started hunting for a solution.

What I found was not a solution, but rather a series of resources that, when combined, helped me to full recovery.

I'm going to talk about just one of those resources for the next minute or two, and I'm going to recommend that you give this idea a try, if you're open to it. It helped me, and I believe it can help you too.

And the basic idea I'm talking about is Buddhism.

There's no need to freak out if you think I'm about to get all weird on you. I'm not, I promise. I'm not a Buddhist, and I'm not recommending that you become one either. I'm simply suggesting that you could benefit from some of the principles of Buddhism.

I looked into Buddhism because I'd heard of so many people who were trying to stop anxiety attacks who had used it to help their situations. I was so desperate that I was willing to give anything a try.

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But there was one big problem. I didn't know where to start. Buddhism is a broad subject, made up of many different areas. And there are hundreds of books on the subject.

Here's the good news: I did the work so you don't have to.

I slogged my way through dozens of books, trying to understand some of these Buddhist principles, and most of the books I read went right over my head, or were just too weird for me to use.

But then I found a short, simple book that instantly made sense to me, and it also helped my anxiety the way I hoped one of these books could.

The book is called "Buddhism, Plain and Simple," and it's written by a man called Steve Hagen. If you'd like to find out if some of the Buddhist principles can help you stop anxiety attacks then I highly recommend this book as your starting point.

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