Just like any developed country, Canada has an established financial system involving the use of credit cards, fund transfers, and more. Using credit cards is so common that a Canadian citizen has an average of about five credit cards. Being in a country where purchasing on credit is normal, monitoring of your credit score is also normal, not to mention necessary. Your 3-digit credit scores determine if you can continue depending on credit for your purchases and how much these will cost you. Banks and other financial institutions check on your credit score as this figure can predict the chances of you paying your loan or time or simply paying it. So if you have a low credit score, you have lesser chances of getting a loan or applying for a loan with a large amount.
Unfortunately, if you haven’t been taking care of your credit card bills and loan payment, you will have bad credit. Other factors that can lead to this are filing of bankruptcy and repossession of a vehicle. Having a bad credit history can definitely paralyze you from getting approved for new credit. Lending companies will be hesitant to grant you loans as you may not be able to pay them on time. You will less likely get approved for another credit card, and if you do, you will be charged a higher interest rate than other clients with a good credit score. Whatever credit card company you go to, your credit history will definitely be thoroughly checked.
Bad credit does not only affect loan and credit card approval. Insurance companies also take a good look at your credit score and base your interest rate on this. If you are renting a place, you may be required to provide a high amount of deposit. Other companies like those in telecommunications, utilities and even future employers look at your credit score.
The good thing about bad credit scores is that they do not have to be permanent. There are things that you can do to slowly but surely improve your credit score via disputing your credit report or resorting to credit repair. One thing that you can do is add some accounts and pay them on time. But then again, how can you? When the problem is you can’t get approved anywhere?
The answer is in bad credit loans. Many lending companies have recognized the need of people, especially those with bad credit to get loans for their expenses. Whether you have bad credit history or no credit history at all, you can be easily approved for bad credit loans. One kind of loan that falls in this category is a car title loan. You just need your driver’s license, proof of income, insurance and a few other papers as requirements. Most companies process your application in just a few hours. You can even get your loan within the same day. These loans can be used in credit repair - just make this the start of a good credit history. Pay your loans on time.

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