Have You Taken Your T. E. M. P. Lately?

I have a request of you…and a question.

Think of a pursuit you have had simmering on the back burner…it’s been on the “To Do” list…it might even be as big a pursuit as to be in your “Bucket List.”

In regards to that pursuit, I ask you…Have you taken your T.E.M.P. lately?

Of course I’m not talking about the 98.6 degrees that most of us human beings register at. I speaking of your Time, your Energy, your Mindset and your Permission Piece.

“T” stands for the Time you are putting (or want to put) into that pursuit. Time in infinite, but for us humans we compartmentalize our time. We put it in sections to fit our schedules. Sometimes we overextend ourselves. In that case, we need “cushion time.”

There are clichés about time. “Time waits for no man.” “Do you have the time?” The band “Chicago” had a song about time…”Does anybody really knows what time it is….does anybody really care.” If you have a pursuit in mind, you need to know where you’re putting your time.

“E” is for Energy. Our basic physical energy needs to be maintained, of course. But here I am speaking of our vibrational energy. Ask yourself, “Are my natural talents, gifts, and strengths a match with what I am doing in my life?” The object here is to do what you love. Do what you love??? Perhaps you were born into a family who carry on a family business and that’s not what you’re interested in but you
know that is the path that lays before you. It may be practical to carry on with the family business. You believe, however, that your gifts are in a different direction. How about a hobby? You can still use your gifts creatively as an avocation.

“M” stands for your Mindset. How flexible is your mindset? Inflexibility leads us away from our creativity and towards a static life. How innovative are you? Are you willing to step outside the proverbial box and tweak your idea? Are you willing to ask someone’s opinion about how you can achieve this pursuit you’re after? How curious are you? I believe that of all attributes curiosity is one of the foundations of a great mindset. If you are curious, you are less apt to judge yourself and your endeavor.

“P” is for my coined term: ‘The Permission Piece.’ Are you giving yourself the “Permission” to put in your Time, your Energy to your pursuit and to have a quality Mindset in order to carry it out?
We often don’t give ourselves the permission to do what is in our hearts. And if you don’t…you will suffer and the world will suffer for not having your influence.

Which brings me to a “heavenly story” about a man, I’ll call him Jim.
It was Jim’s time to leave this earth plane. When he got to the Pearly Gates, he was greeted by his angel. The angel said, “John, I’m so HAPPY that you’re here!”

Jim replied, “I’M GLAD I’M HERE TOO!! (Jim was thinking where he could have ended up!)

“Come on in,” said his Angel, “And I’ll show you around. I’ll show you everything there is!”

As they toured the heavenly area, Jim said, “I’ve heard a lot of stories about this place and even read some books about it, but this is more magnificent than I ever expected. However, there’s something you didn’t show me. What’s that building over there?”

“Oh, Jim, we’ve had a long day and we have all the time in the world. (Smile) Let’s leave that for another time.”

“Well, you DID tell me you’d show me EVERYTHING.”

“Yes, I did, Jim, and I will but you’re not going to like what you see.”

“What’s not to like?” replied Jim.

So Jim and the Angel floated over to the building, the doors magically opened.

What Jim saw was so brilliant that he nearly had to put on sunglasses! Racks and racks of presents, some exquisitely wrapped, were piled high one on top of another.

“What is all this?” Jim asked.

The Angel replied, “These are the things we get when another human makes his or her way to heaven.”

At that moment Jim noticed his name on several of the packages and said, “I see my name is on those gifts over there, are they mine?”

The Angel looked at Jim and sadly said, “Well…yes, Jim they WERE your gifts…but you didn’t use them.”

We are reminded by this story that we all have something to give in this world. We are endowed with natural talents, gifts, and strengths.
We are also encouraged to use those gifts because we’ll be better for it and we’ll make the world a better place as well.

Imagine…what the world would be like if we all used what we were given. War wouldn’t have a chance.

Author's Bio: 

BIO – Linda McCarrin

Linda McCarrin, B.A. Edu., CHLC is the Owner and primary consultant and trainer for her company Ripple Effect Development. Linda works with individuals, business owners, healthcare professionals and organizations to help them develop their careers, businesses and life goals. Helping individuals increase their self-awareness and leadership strengths, she is able to guide them more rapidly in achieving the results they desire.
Capitalizing on her experience of working with medical staff, school leaders, small businesses and non-profit organizations, Linda focuses on leadership and cultural development. Emotional & Social Intelligence are the vehicles she uses to promote an atmosphere of recognition and inclusion. The results are effectively seen in the areas of team building, communication, conflict management, and wellness. By incorporating values that are relevant to all Linda promotes the “sustainability factor” that takes companies and organizations to new heights. People feel better about who they are and where they work People feel that they are part of the solution.
Linda’s varied career background has given her rich experiences to draw from. As a middle grade teacher in both regular and alternative education, she brought the interactive process to her classroom which encouraged a holistic approach to learning each subject. As a Realtor/Broker she used an educational model for her clients to feel that they were a part of the negotiation process. As a drug and alcohol aftercare counselor, she was able to help clients realize what emotions they were masking which led to their initial use of illegal substances. Her ability to have clients see the advantage of going to a halfway house, becoming involved in a 12 Step Program or seeking counseling made the aftercare program the first of its kind at South Suburban Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse. Finally, as a business development associate for an Alzheimers’ facility, a hospice and an in-home care company she saw the challenges that families faced as they made difficult decisions for their loved ones. Linda’s personal challenges of a brain tumor and early stage breast cancer helped her demonstrate a personal commitment to clients faced with the losses due to illness and disability. As a single woman embracing those challenges Linda has built her own business as a “Personal Support for Professionals,” a coaching and training company that uses Emotional Intelligence as the foundation for its programs.

Contact Information for Linda McCarrin:
Linda McCarrin
P.O. Box 1121, Orland Park, IL. 60462
Email: counsel@lindamccarrin.com
Website: www.lindamccarrin.com.