How’s that for a catchy title that may not project the “image” I hope to portray?

Frankly, I am tired of projecting images. That’s what actors and actresses do—projecting someone else’s life. I want to be the star in my own life, and not worry about an academy award.

I want to speak the truth, and not worry if it leads someone to work with me or buy a product from me. I want to stop marketing in the old way!!!

Are you with me? Have you reached that point in your business where you wonder why you are working so hard for so little? I have some ideas for you, which may not lead to a million dollar launch, but could have you feel back at home inside your own skin. From there, anything is possible!
Everything in life is an experiment, in case you forgot. To inspire me in my experiment, I have been reading a different kind of “business” book called Breath of the Absolute, by a Jamaican man named Mooji who is wide awake. Mooji says:

“Be daring with life. Say, ‘Okay, turn me into a street beggar if that is what you wish, but I’ll be a free street beggar.’ And then you will see where the shaking is coming from. Can you do it? Others have done it, and have found when faced, their fear is but a ghost that vanishes in the light of their courage and willingness to truly see.

The fear is always greater than the actuality. The fear comes because of lack of trust. You feel you can take better care of yourself than God can. You fear what God may have planned for you may not be what you want. This is probably true because the dreams we have are confined to what we know of life and ourselves, which is infinitesimal to the vastness that is. When we let go of what we think will make us happy, we allow Grace to breathe, and great and beautiful things not even imagined of are given space to happen.”

Imagine that……allowing GRACE to breath. That means that you must make room for Grace….empty out all you have been thinking and doing to maintain the illusion of control over your life and business. It means meeting your inner street beggar and releasing the resistance to facing the fear of becoming that beggar or baglady, and going for the freedom beyond the fear.

Do you know why people don’t do that? Why they keep racing like a hamster on a wheel? Because they are afraid of what they will admit to themselves, and all the changes they may have to make.

If you are in business for yourself, it is even scarier, since things are at a precarious balance in this volatile economy, and change itself gets a bad rap, as a sort of death of something. Let’s get real—often it is.

So somehow continuing to do what you have been doing that isn’t getting the results you want seems easier or safer than facing the unknown. Can you see the madness?

Imagine relaxing into your own light-filled BEING and trusting in something far wiser and grander than your frightened ego. Imagine living life on your own terms, step by step, as you shed what is not you. Imagine being crystal clear about what you are meant to be doing, and having the courage and guidance to do it?

Imagine a business that supports and sustains you because you are giving to others what they need, in exchange for the financial reward they gladly pay you for the benefits they receive.

Imagine that because you are so grounded in who you are and what you have to offer others, that when you do let others know, you do so from a place of love and trust, that has a magnetic quality to it.

IMAGINE…You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!

There is a deep hunger inside each of us to live life on our own terms and make a living doing that. That means we must have the courage to stop doing things the old way.
Liberation is a choice!

Author's Bio: 

Kathleen Hanagan is a licensed psychotherapist, ordained shamanic priestessand wisdom keeper, intuitive coach, and international speaker and workshop presenter, who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs, creatives, healers and evolutionaries get crystal clear about their message and claim their brilliance, so that they can attain their highest destiny, without betraying their hearts. With Kathleen as your guide, you will create a life of genuine prosperity which includes intimacy, health, wealth, and a sense of total alignment with your soul.

She is the creator of the Radical Radiance™ Marketing System, and the Radical Radiance™ Blueprint, which integrate deep spiritual principles into down-to-earth practices, in business and in life. Unlike other success and business coaches, Kathleen activates the power and the beauty of each person’s soul, which allows for the release of fear and doubt, and brings forth the most sacred, sexy and sovereign qualities needed for the fulfillment of their mission.

Kathleen had a thriving psychotherapy practice for 21 years, and built a 6-figure business through public speaking and word of mouth. She understands firsthand the struggle that spiritually minded people often face as they step into the world of business. If you are called to have a bigger impact in co-creating the New Economy, and assist in the planetary shift from the love of power to the power of love, contact Kathleen at Get Started.