Are you all set to face the winter? Oh, that’s quite easy. Is it not?! Gloves? Check! Scarf? Check! And the favorite turtleneck sweater? Right here. Great!, you are all set for the chilly season. How about your home? Is your home ready for winter?

No, there are no scarves or jackets with hoodies available for your home. Winterizing your home requires some extra effort and planning. Having a home heating solution installed in the home may give you some relief. But some tasks are still pending in making your property tough enough to face the extreme cold weather.

You may feel this task annoying or unnecessary. But, trust me, the financial benefit out of it will make you plan for making your home winter ready.

Imagine plumbing breakouts, heating costs shooting up due to poor insulation – these problems are very few to mention. If the home is not ready for the harsh winter you may end up paying heavy home maintenance bill and will not be in a position to enjoy the Christmas.

Making sure your home is prepped up for winter not only saves you a nice chunk but also protects the property for years to come.

Break down the task. preparing up the home for winter is indeed a giant to-do-list. Instead of getting frustrated,
break down it to two main categories - Preparations outside the home and indoor preparations.

Outdoor preparation includes taking care of the lawn, covering up patio furniture, checking the roofs and replacing any damaged shingles, clearing up the gutters, etc.

The winter preparation inside the house involves plumbing works, insulating the house (seal the openings at windows and doors), fine-tune the furnace, replace the furnace filters, have a programmable thermostat.

You can also get the work done faster by assigning each task to a family member. I am sure; winterizing the home will be a lot of fun when the whole family is involved.

The changing climate in the winter can ruin your home badly in case you're not readied, so pursue this winter home arrangement agenda to keep things fit as a fiddle!

Winterize your home in these three easy steps

1. Plumbing

The main reason that could cause problem and demands immediate attention is freezing pipes.
The first step is to prepare for the first. Make sure everyone in the house knows how and which main source valve to turn off in case of such emergencies.
Next is to identify any pipes that are prone to freezing and taking care of them. During extremely cold weather heat tape can be used to keep them warm.

2. Heating the house

The first thing (in fact the only thing) we look forward to in our houses on a harsh winter day is warmth. So the main preparation for winter should be to heat the space – bathroom, bedroom and living area of course.
Using space heaters complementary to the central heating system will be the best way to cut down the monthly electricity bill.
If the house is not well insulated, infrared heaters are highly recommended. They heat the room instantly are energy efficient too.
If the weather is not too harsh and you wish to sip your evening coffee sitting in your patio, consider buying a patio heater this season.

3. Seal the leak

If the place you live is more prone to snowstorms, install storm windows. Check for weather stripping around the doors and windows and fix it if there are any damages. Block any possible entry of cold air inside the house. This will reduce the effort of your home heating solutions.

To conclude, fall is the ideal time to winterize your home. As much as we might not want to recognize it, the snow is traveled our direction and Old Man Winter will before long be thumping on entryways. Is your home prepared for the visit? This post is to help you prepare with a definitive winter home readiness agenda! Prep your house indoor and outdoor before winter begins and you'll receive the rewards throughout the entire season.

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